The Hospitalist Movement: The Quiet Revolution In Healthcare

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"several recently published studies have demonstrated that hospitalist programs result in better quality inpatient care (i.e., reductions in readmissions and mortality rates). "

Whatever happened to the idea of "continuity of care" and all the arguments for that?

I certainly have misgivings about this medical specialty and its attempt to exert maximum control over a most profitable part of healthcare instead of, for example, community health clinics and small rural hospitals in "economically-challenged" areas of the country where there is a shortage of docs.

Where are these "specialists" when they are truly needed in these areas? Oh, I forgot. They are engaged in political turf wars with other MDs over control of large, more profitable hospitals.

"Follow the money" still seems to be the basic rule.


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I am an agency nurse and I have worked at a couple of hospitals that utilize hospitalists.

I find that I like the system. It's nice knowing the hospitalist (or the one covering for him/her) is in house at all times.

I've run into situations and called the hospitalist and had the doc at the bedside in 5 minutes. Sure is better that trying to explain gut feelings to an attending over the phone at 2 AM.

I just like having the doc's handy, especially in the middle of the night. IMHO.



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Whats the difference between that & being in a hospital that has interns & residents? We are staffed with MDs 24 hrs a day on evry unit. My ICU cannot be without an intern physically in the unit at all times.

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