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I take my nclex on monday august 18th and im starting to get nervous.....:no:really nervous. i know tons of people say you have to keep clam and going in with a positive attitude:D will increase your chances of my question for yins is how in the world do you stay calm when your about to take the most important test in your well pretty much life not to be dramatic or anything.... SUGGESTIONS WANTED thanks:bow:


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I did a mini "boot camp" that was designed by one of my nursing professors. Basically it involved transforming your life for the 2 weeks prior to testing. The day before my exam, I woke up at 6AM and relaxed. I looked at not one thing related to nursing or NCLEX. I got all of my paperwork together and picked out an outfit that made me feel confident. The day of my exam, I woke up at 5:30, exercised for an hour, got changed and arrived at the testing center 45 minutes early. Went in, took my exam, pretended like I was sitting in front of my computer at home and started the exam. I was in such a relaxed state of mind and I truly think a large part of passing the exam is being able to find that state of peace during your exam. My biggest advice: ask for the earplugs. You will be sorry if you do not have them!

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