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Just wanted to say thank you for all your posts and updates in here, keeping us all informed. I often read your posts and print them off to take to work (just gave two of them to the CEO) but don't often reply.

Wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the leg-work you put into this site. Keep up the great work!



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ditto for me on the above!

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Thanks for your kind words. If there is something I particular you are interested in email me or leave message here. Please feel free to post anything of interest. this has been a fun adventure...trying to get more info re different states legislation affecting healthcare to pass along. Let me know of important legislation within your states , I'll research and or post here.

Send via email here or [email protected]

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Actually, I'd just like to know how many sites you hang out @ to get all this GREAT info?!! WOW!

Thank you from me, too.



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ive thanked you before karen, and ill thank you again and again..

your posts are always informing and enlightening.



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I second everyone's responce here....I look for your posts, I know it is always good info.

Thanks Karen! :)


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Me too also!!!!:D :D

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I feel I also must express my gratitude for your work in researching and kleeping us informed!



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I want to tell you again how much I appreciate what you are doing here. Also I have another request (won't be the last). There is another great article over at CalNurse about Hospital Preparedness and Terrorism. I think it is very accurate in it's assessment of the situation. I especially like the part that says that they suddenly realized that this sort of disease outbreak is beyond the scope of the non nursing techs that have replaced nurses in many of their roles. Well DUH! Could you post it?


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You have been a great inspiration. Through your efforts, you give hope and courage to many of us nurses. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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