Thank you forum


Hello everyone :),

I use to frequently visit this forum when I was studying for my boards and I promised myself that when I pass I will post information to help other people pass the boards as well.

I used basically everything to study for this exam for two whole months after I graduated. My school had the virtual ATI but I found it not helpful at all. So I used Hurst Online Review, Kaplan Q banks, Saunders, PREP U, NCBSN 5 week course, and the famous PDA book. My scores were not so great, but I just learned from the rationales. For HURST I got a score of 83, 76, and 79 (only had time to take three exams). My NCBSN scores range from 50 to 60s. Kaplan q banks were in 50s to low 60s. I believe that understanding the rationales is the key here to passing! I looked up the information that I didn't know on the Saunders book or used Google. I did TONS of questions day and night. I studied like crazy and made it like my full time job. The exam is hard, but I believe that through hard work anything is possible. In addition, I prayed like crazy as well to my Lord. :up:

To everyone out there studying or retaking the exam, DON'T GIVE UP! You all made it through nursing school and you will PASS this one last exam! You all can do it and will do it! Good luck to everyone out there studying and thank you to everyone who helped me pass this exam.

Best wishes. :sarcastic:


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Congratulations again, and treat yourself to something WONDERFUL :)

Thank you so much! I definitely will be taking a nice well deserved vacation now! :)