6th NCLEX failure! Private tutor?


I have a very good friend that has taken the NCLEX about 6 times and she just cannot pass it. I feel so bad for her and I keep offering to help her study. She is so determined to pass and she is so brave to keep trying. I've suggested she see a dr. for possible "test anxiety." Does anyone know a good private tutor in the Mass/NH area? She is going to make such an unbelievable nurse someday. Thanks!

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Have your friend contact me here via pm.

What has she been using to prepare with?

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I suggest you follow suzannes advice :)

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I suggest you follow suzannes advice :)


Certainly does sound like test anxiety. I agree contacting Suzanne would be the best move right now. Let us know how she does.


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I'm new at this, how do I have her contact you here? She would probably kill me if she knew I posted a message about her.


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I have test anxiety and a Learning Disability that causes me further anxiety when I approach testing, especially tests with lots of complex reading. Your friend may have already tried structured NCLEX review courses, but I have found one that I really love. Check out http://www.hurstreview.com/ If there isn't a course being taught in her area, she can take it online where they have the videos available online. Then she'll be able to stop, rewind, and replay the awesome lectures as frequently as she needs to. That company seems to have a knack for helping repeat testers pass the test.

I hope she passes soon.



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suzanne!! help me!! i failed the second time and im so down, like really down!! i cant go throught this again! :(( please :(

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This thread is now FIVE years old. Suzanne has retired, she no longer advises members on NCLEX or immigration issues. Please read other threads on the topic and perhaps consider taking a nursing refresher course.

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