4th attempt and still not my time :-(


Today i tested for the 4th time but no LUCK at all.

1st attempt-75 questions(used only kaplan preparation)-All below passing level

2nd attempt-75 questions(used only saunders comprehensive 4th edition)-All below passing level

3rd attempt-75 questions(used only hurst review)-5 near passing level

4th attempt-110 questions

mixed everything together

Content review from saunders comprehensive 4th edition,Acid base,fluid and electrolytes from Hurst

Lacharity questions

NCSBN questions

kaplan 2010-2011

As i have tried PVT during my 2nd and 3rd attempt and i truly believe that if it takes you to the CC page then u have failed.

Today i tried the PVT once again and took me to the CC page.

I really wanna give up this time.I never failed the test like this before


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Don't Give UP!!! It took me five attempts to pass and I tried everything for studying. There is a thread on here called Kim's Self-Review. I followed her guidelines before I tested the 5th time and passed!!! I think I tried to use too many sources when I studied and it was too much, so look at her self-review. give yourself a couple of days to be upset and sad, and then pick yourself and go for it. It is possible and it is doable, you just have to keep going after it!!! My first 4 attempts were between 75 - 85 questions, attempt numer 5 was 185.... it was a long haul and I was there for the entire 6 hours. I let the computer time me out, as I did my best on every single question, but didn't hurry. Keep your LaCharity and Hurst books to review, throw in the NCLEX 3500 or 4000 and focus on questions and their rationales. Know your basic info so you don't get tripped up if there is something out of wack with a lab value, and always, always, always, believe in yourself for you never would have made it through nursing school if you didn't have what it takes!!! And for gosh sakes, give yourself a break..... this is one of the most difficult tests EVER!!! If you have any questions or just need support shoot me a message and come to AN for support!! We are here for you!! HANG IN THERE!! :hug: ;)


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you either have too little resources - the first 3 or too many resources- the last one.

You DO need to have one source i.e. Kaplan but it is soooo essential to have 2 other nursing books (i.e. med-surg books) you can turn to in order to look up additional information as most review/resource can't cover every bloody nursing information.

For example, Kaplan is an amazing resource for test-taking strategies but it lacks in really explaining content. In my situation, I was having difficulty with Addison's Disease and Cushing's Disease but Kaplan sucks at explaining them. So I would refer to my nursing books. And then I was able to answer Kaplan's questions. Try not to get more then 2 nursing books then it would get too overwhelming.

Hopes that help. I passed the first time with 75 Q's, and I'm a bad test-taker so I did something right there. I studied with a smart buddy who gave me these tips.

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Don't give up!!! You can do this!

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lisahb13,nursegirl75,NurseLoveJoy88 for your support.

I really really appreciate your support.

Just waiting for the official mail from pearson vue to knw where i am lacking

so that i can get back to STUDY

Thank you

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Hey lisahb13,

you really inspired me to appear the exam once again.

How many months u studied to test for the 5th time??

Can u please provide me the link for NCLEX 4000??

Thank you