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TGH internships


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I am about to graduate from an RN program in SWF. I'm originally from Chicago and need to get back to a BIG city. Tampa is the area I am looking into. I was wondering if anyone knows about any internship programs that might be offered at Tampa General. If so could you let me know how I can get the contact information. I have been to the TGH website but they do not advertise any internships. I called the recruiters office and left a message.

Also, I need help finding an area of Tampa that I can move to with my family that is clean. What are some nice areas with really good public schools or private schools?



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There's a big hiring freeze on at all the hospitals in the Tampa Bay area. Internship programs just aren't being offered at any of the facilities.

Its difficult to find jobs as new grad RNs. The economy here is terrible, I wouldn't consider relocating here until solid employment has been secured.

Tampa General offers 2 internships, an acute care rotation for new grads, and a critical care rotation for new grads/experienced nurses looking to transition to ICU or ER. I've only seen the acute care rotation once this year in april. The critical care rotation hires anywhere from 6-9 people about every 3-4 months. I know they just posted in early October for spots in the January class. The position is normally only up for a week or so because of all the applicants. TGH is an awesome hospital! Good luck!!

mmwatkin did you go through the program?

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As of right now, the acute care internship is posted at the TGH website.

i didn't get in. I just got that email stated that there were more qualify applicant than me..it's been three year since i have been looking for a hospital job, now i am wondering would i ever find a job in the hosptal..feeling depressed now don't know what else to do.

Hey guys,

do you know about their internship? are you assigned to a specific unit or it is all around the hospital? how long? etc?

I'm currently in the Acute Care Rotation Program at TGH. It is a wonderful program. I have been able to explore very different floors, gain vast experience in a various specialties, and meet many kind nurses. It is a great program. You are on a floor, trained for 1-2 weeks, in addition to classroom education, and begin your nursing career obtaining specialized nursing care. You stay on the floor anywhere between 2-4 months. Although you can request, you are usually placed depending on the need, but as a new grad, anything is good for gaining experience! Good luck!

Where can you go to get more information on the internships or search for if they are posted? I graduated in July and passed boards in August. I am at a standstill for a job though...I live in Tampa and have started looking for jobs as far as Orlando and Naples....

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Congratulations on passing boards! :yeah:

I would bookmark the TGH jobs website. From that page you can find a link on the left that says "Contact HR." There is a phone number listed there. I found that the TGH HR staff was pretty helpful. Sometimes they even called me when I was not eligible for a job for which I had applied (many places I found did not do that).

I wish you the best - I know how hard it is for new grads (and even experienced nurses) to find a job!

Thanks a bunch for the information. I have been in contact with the HR department, but yeah all they said was "we don't have anything available for new grads. Good luck in your search." I'll keep truckin away and sending out my resume :)

How hard is the interview process?

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I had an interview recently with TGH and it went well. Don't know if I got it maybe by the end of the month I will know. Regardless I think highly of that TGH. The acute care rotation is very cool. You have 14-15 floors that you could possibly work on. You can work day or night depending on the unit you find a home with.


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Does anyone know if TGH is still offering a new grad internship?