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I received my registration packet the other day from my nursing program. In the packet there was a list of post that the program is expecting me to purchase. There was also a list of the chapters to be read before the first day of class. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the best deal on books? I am planning on buying used books as long as they are in decent shape with the all pages accounted for. Are there any online stores that I could check out? I have already look on efollet.com to me there price were okay. I think I had better check with the school to see which books are actually required before I make any purchases. Thank you in advance.:cool:


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Check your bulletin boards at school. I post my used books there. Also, if it is a class like math, see if you can borrow a book from another student and save yourself some money.:D

I posted this same question here a few months ago. Here's what I learned. If you have a few weeks to wait for the books, try http://www.half.com - they also always have a coupon good for $5 off. Also, barnes & noble sells new and used text books. This is a little complicated, so email me if you need further details, but here goes. If you go to http://www.americangreetings.com and sign up for a premier membership, it will cost $19.95 - for signing up they give you $50 in flooz (and some other stuff). If you're not familiar with flooz, it's internet currency accepted at somewhere around 50 online stores. Barnes & Noble is one of them. So, you spend $20 to get $50 to spend at B&N. It's not nearly as complicated as it sounds.

Also, amazon.com sells used text books. I've been able to find a couple books I need very reasonable on ebay. Email me if you need help with the flooz thing, it's really a great way to save some money! Hope this helps!


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Textbooks can cost hundreds of dollars a semester! I also looked into Barnes & Noble to get a better price. Since they would take at least six weeks to come in, I didn't end up ordering through them. Once I get my book list I try to head to the school book store ASAP to have the best chance at getting a used text.

Good Luck!


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What are some of the books you need? I want to sell some of mine from my first 2 semesters and they are in great condition. Who knows, some of them might be ones you use....just let me know if you are interested in what I have.:cool:


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Nursing books are so expensive! I usually average around 550-600 dollars a semester worth of books, so I try to get the best deals possible. There are 3 bookstores in town, so I go to each of them, and find out what they are selling the books for. I have found that most of the time, it is cheaper for me to buy them locally, because shipping and handling for delivered books is so much. You might try http://www.varsitybooks.com

The shipping charges might be less in your area.

If you choose to buy your books at the campus bookstore, go EARLY!!! Used books for nursing classes go fast!

I think it's a good idea to post the books we need here, and maybe someone else will have the book we need.

For this fall, I'll need the following:

*Mosby's Medical Nursing & Allied Health Dictionary, 5th Edition

*Medical Surgical Nursing, 5th Edition by Lewis, Collier & Heitkemper - I also need the accompanying study guide.

*Mosby's Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference, 5th Edition by Pagana and Pagana

*Basic Nursing Theory and Practice, 4th Edition by Potter

*Nursing Care Plans, Nursing Diagnosis/Nursing Interventions, by Gulanik

I've already gotten the others on my list.

If anyone has any of those to get rid of, please let me know!

Also, in a couple weeks, I'll have my A&P books to get rid of if anyone can use those. We're using Hole's Human Anatomy and Physiology, 8th Edition by Shier, Butler and Lewis. I also have the lab book.



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I just saw a post about getting rid of A&P books, and other nursing books. Be very cautious in what you get rid of! I have kept all of my books, and have used them many more times than just in classes. They are a good reference to keep! Remember, you paid for them, and you are never going to get their value back my reselling them. Many nursing programs use books that you bough your freshman year for classes you take during your senior year, if i would have sold mine back, i would be in SOOO MUCH trouble right now, because I would have to buy them all over again. Be careful, and know what you are going to need years down the line :)

Just friendly advice :)


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The books on my list for fall semester are the following:

1. Fundamentals of Nursing (5th ed) Mosby

2. Medical-Surgical Nursing (9th ed) Lippincott

3. Nursing Diagnosis: Application to Clinical Practice (8th ed) Lippincott

4. Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (18th ed)

5. Mosby's Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference (5th ed)

6. Health Assessment for Nursing Practice (2nd ed)

7. Maternal/Child Nursing (2nd ed)

8. Delmar's Fundamental & Advanced Nursing Skills

9. Nursing Management in Drug Therapy

10.Med-Math: Dosage, Calculation, Preparation and Administration (3rd ed)

11. Davis Drug Guide for Nurses (7th ed )

12. Understanding Pathophysiology (2nd ed)

Once again thank you in advance.:cool:


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At the school I am going to go to, there is a club for "Non-Traditional Students". If you are a member of this club, pay $7.00 a year dues, they will pay for all your books. I would check into all the clubs at your school and maybe there is one like this. Also, this may sound crazy, but I have found a few books I need on EBay! It's worth a shot!!:p


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We have received our book list that we will need for the first semester of an ADN program. We have been advised that the books we purchase now, we will need through the full program. The total for all the books runs close to $900. As I see it, $900 for 4 semesters worth of books, isn't that bad. Taking into consideration, that I've spent about $400 per semester for all my pre-reqs. Although the price may be higher, I'd really prefer to have new nursing books...that way no one else has marked them up. And due to my financial aid that is purchasing my books, I have to buy them at the college book store (we're so small, we only have one available). But please, before you start to sell any of your books back at the end of the semester, double check with your instructors if you will need them again next semester or later on in the program. This could save you some major bucks on down the road. Well, just my two cents worth!! :)

Brandy already suggested about being really careful about selling your books. I would say of the books NOT to sell would be Anatomy and physiology. I almost sold my A/P texts but my cousin told me not too and I am so glad I did not. Many of my classmates sold their A/P texts and regretted last semester in the first semester of the nursing program. Keep your A/P text if it is the one book you keep. AT the community college I attended before I started nursing school they don't give very much money back for the book anyway. Any other books I would say it would be okay to sell. Once you get to nursing school I would say keep be careful of which books you sell in nursing school because some of the books will serve as a wonderful resource in future classes. Sure the Lab at your school may have resources but imagine if you had 35 or more students who needed the same books and there are only a dozen of the books. If you saved your book you will be ahead and don't have to wait.

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