Texas Testing Limit expired, need help to re-exam

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Hello, I graduated from nursing school in May 2014, I received notice that my eligibility to take NCLEX is no longer available since I was a week late completing all of the needed materials to test (4yr limit in Texas). I have been reading about possibility of testing in another State to receive my license and then getting endorsement to the state I want to work. And I am very glad to hear this for the initial news of not being able to re-test was disheartening. I just wanted to know if there is any truth to this and how do I go about doing this? Any response or advice is appreciated.

Every BON has different eligibility requirements, so you'll need to look at different BONs to see which ones might allow you to test. There are some without time limits.

To apply for a Texas license by endorsement, you also have to meet certain requirements. Some states require work experience, for example. Make sure you review the requirements of both states very carefully to avoid being caught off guard.

Because Texas is a "compact state" (member of the ENLC, Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact), you will need to find a state that will let you test that is not also a compact state. The compact rules specify you can only be licensed in one compact state at a time, and it must be your state of permanent residence. If you are living in Texas (which I'm guessing you are, you don't specify) and apply for licensure in another compact state, your application will be rejected.

Best wishes!

Thank you so much for this helpful information, I will definitely look more in depth and make sure I meet every requirement on both sides

I was unaware about the compact state issue, thank you for letting me know and yes I do reside in Texas at this time and that is where I was actually looking to work. So thank you again for this information

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