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Hey y'all! So I've recently decided that I may want to go back to school for my FNP w the goal of being a Surgical NP in the future. Currently in the "find a program" stage. I've been combing this website, but I'm having trouble finding a single thread w a wide variety of info on the different programs in Texas. It's all scattered. So if anyone is currently in or has graduated from the following programs, I'd really appreciate some feedback on your experience there.

Top choices so far: UTMB, UTHSC, UTTyler, TWU and UofH.

Info on Baylor, Tech, TCU, and Texas A&M CC would be nice to have too. Btw, I live and work in Houston currently.

Thanks in advance!

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If you want to be a surgical NP then I would recommend ACNP over FNP. Many employers are beginning to show considerable preference for ACNP in inpatient/specialty practice. Further, I would strongly encourage an RNFA program. You should make yourself as competitive as possible as you are going to be competing with PAs in this field, and they, arguably, control the OR.


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Thank you for that insight! I'm 100% planning to get my RNFA certification. ACNP would be nice, but I don't have the critical care experience required to get into certain ACNP programs. I also don't plan to work inpatient for very long if at all. I was thinking that FNP would give me a bit more flexibility long term.


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You will have a hard time getting hired in a procedural or OR setting as an FNP. FNP is for primary care and you would be working outside of your scope of practice in these settings.

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There are dual FNP/ACNP programs so you'll be prepared either way.


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Thanks everyone. I'll look into ACNP as well. But to my original question. Does anyone have an insight on the programs themselves?