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Hey! Everyone who has applied to any Texas Versant Programs for 2014. Let's all chat here. I am going to be a Graduate Nurse in May. I have applied to various Texas Versant programs including: Texas... Read More

  1. by   RonnieDita
    Yea I did. Did you?
  2. by   S.RN
    @moki9204 Yes, I uploaded a cover letter.
  3. by   Ladidah
    Has anyone applied for Parkland ER residency for July yet and gotten an interview?
  4. by   S.RN
    @ Ladidah, I haven't seen any post about Parkland ER residency starting interviews yet. I've several posts about getting NICU interviews though.
  5. by   RonnieDita
    No interview yet for me... Good luck to those who have gotten called. I'm very curious I everyone applying has BSN's, ADN's?
  6. by   S.RN
    I'm in the BSN program, we graduate in May.
  7. by   Nurse J0RDAN
    No interview for me yet. I will have BSN, graduating in May
  8. by   Preemie 2 RN
    I graduated this past December with my ASN. Currently enrolled in a RN-BSN program
  9. by   Nurse J0RDAN
    Does anyone know of a starting pay for new grad at THR. Also I currently work at parkland as a nursing student and I know their pay of anyone needs to know who applied
  10. by   Nurse J0RDAN
    Check your application status 2 of mine say forwarded to hiring manager for THR.
  11. by   S.RN
    @ I want it BAD, what position did you apply for?
  12. by   Preemie 2 RN
    One of mine changed to 'filed' and the other 2 are still the same considering/application in review.

    @I want it BAD - did you apply to any of Parkland's internships? Have you heard anything from them yet?
  13. by   Nurse J0RDAN
    Quote from SSRM
    @ I want it BAD, what position did you apply for?
    I applied for med surg, or, PCu, NICU l&d and many more more 16 in total