UTMB Fall 2013

  1. Hello! I searched the site and seen no one made a topic about the people trying to enter in Fall 2013 so here is it I am applying to UTMB for Fall 2013. I've written my personal statement and filled in the application. Now i'm waiting on nursing CAS to receive all my transcripts and to take my TEAS test on Jan. 8. I'm so nervous. How is everyone else coming along?
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  3. by   tessthebest
    I'm glad someone finally made a forum for us, i'm super excited to apply to UTMB! This is my top choice school and i really want this more than anything! Although i did apply to five other programs just to be on the safe side. I've already completed my nursing cas application and written my personal statement i'm just waiting for them to receive my transcripts and i'm also taking the teas test january 4th i believe.

    I went to a UTMB campus visits a few months back and just fell in love, i've been to quite a few nursing campus visits but these people were so friendly, and every time i call to ask any question i get treated with upmost respect!

    I would say i have a decently competitive GPA i think my main concern is have quite a few dropped classes, although most of them were in classes that i don't even need for UTMB such as pre-cal, and a music class i just hope this doesn't change my chances of getting accepted!


    Good luck to everyone! And i know we can get through this process together!
  4. by   jshanice11
    i cant wait to visit the campus. the only thing im concerned about is them receiving my TEAS scores on time. im taking it at galveston college on jan 8. im so nervous
  5. by   tessthebest
    Well when I went to the visit I asked them because I was originally planning on taking mine on the 8th and they said as long as you take it atleast 4 days before the application due date the 15th you'll be fine!
  6. by   gwin2015
    I'm glad that a thread is created for UTMB fall, 2013 applicants. I have already submitted my application both for the accelerated summer and fall, 2013 entry. Although UTMB is my first choice, I did also apply UTHSC-Houston again both for the summer and fall. They have extended the deadline for the accelerated BSN that was due on the 15th of Nov. to the 3rd of January. Good luck everybody!
  7. by   jshanice11
    i'm so nervous they wont receive my transcript on time. are you guys ready for the TEAS?
  8. by   tessthebest
    I know I'm trying to wait till this semesters grades are final but I'm afraid they won't get them in time! And honestly I've been so focused on finals I barely had time for anything else
  9. by   carlajeanx3
    Hey everyone! I am applying to UTMB as well! This is probably a really dumb question but when submitting the application on NCAS do they have to receive and post your official transcript before you submit the application to your designation? Or can you submit the application before the transcripts you sent in are evaluated by them?

    Also, you send the TEAS score straight to the school right? (I took it through another place)
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  10. by   Hemcdougall
    I am so happy someone started a thread for Fall 2013. I too am applying, I took my Teas a while back for HCC so I too had the same question about where and when to send the Teas scores. I am almost done with my personal statement and nursingCAS has received my transcripts, though I am sending an updated one from Lonestar as soon as this semesters grades are posted it will boost my GPA a tad and give me three more classes to apply with.

    My teas score fell short with a 74% I made a 60% for the sciences it was just so difficult and I am running out of time to retake it if I am going to, I can't decide. :/

    Good Luck to everyone! It is going to be a long wait, it will be nice to have some support.
  11. by   clementine17
    Well, hello everyone. I just received and finished my supplemental application from the Enrollment Services, hopefully they'll process it quickly because I'm not very good at waiting. Good luck to those about to take their TEAS test!
  12. by   carlajeanx3
    Clementine, how long did it take nursingCAS to process all of your stuff? Also, what was the supplemental application like? I am leaving the country the week after next and my family might have to fill out my supplemental application for me so hopefully it is pretty simple!
  13. by   clementine17
    It took about a week for NCAS to receive my transcript, and a day for them to calculate/verify my GPA after I've submitted my application. The supplemental application was dead simple, it asked basic questions like: did your parents go to college, what was the last college you attended, and some other stuff I cant remember.

    ( A side note: I submitted my application through NCAS on Nov 19 and I received my supplemental app today Dec 14)
  14. by   jshanice11
    i was wondering the same thing about the transcripts. cause i am done with the rest of my application but they haven't received any of my transcripts so i'm not sure if i should submit or not.