UTMB Fall 2011 Applicants

  1. Hi everyone! Just thought I'd start a thread for those who are applying to UTMB for Fall 2011. There are some really great (and long!) threads out there for Spring 2011 and earlier...but as I'm sure y'all know, the application process can change from cycle to cycle, plus it's just nice to have a new thread for us. So feel free to post questions, comments, or anything related to applications!

    I'm applying as a second-degree student to UTMB, UTHSC, TWU (Houston), UT Arlington and A&M, plus maybe the new Texas State program. Whew! I keep hearing great things about UTMB so that might be my #1....

    A question to start us off: so we can now use either the centralized NursingCAS application, or the application through UTMB, right? What are you all going to do? I'm thinking of just doing UTMB's direct application....if you do NursingCAS, I think you'll have to do a supplemental UTMB application+fee anyway, so you might as well just do it all once...thoughts?
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  3. by   punkydoodlesRN
    I'm applying for Fall 2011. I'm finishing up my personal statement this week - I have some explaining to do and I'm trying to really sell myself. I'm currently a LVN but want better doors to be opened. I'm taking my TEAS in a few weeks - incredibly anxious about that part of the app process!! Who am I kidding? I feel sick over the entire thing!!

    If applications are due Feb 15, why are interview grants sent out? Approx?

    Good luck to everyone!!
  4. by   chaos0058
    Hey punkydoodles! That's great that you're going back for your RN...I think it could really help your chances that you have medical experience! I have some explaining to do in my statement/essays too....my grades steadily declined throughout my first degree, and I had to withdraw a lot due to personal stuff...so I need to figure out a way to address that. But I've done really well on all the prereq classes taken since then, and I also got a really good score on TEAS, so hopefully that will help.

    My biggest advice for TEAS is to buy at least one of the practice tests that they offer online through the ATI Testing website. The practice tests have the same format and look identical to the real thing (in terms of layout/presentation), so on test day you know what to expect. Also, if you've looked at any of the nursing exam practice books out there (Kaplan, Barron etc) a lot of the stuff in there might not be the same subjects or difficulty level as the TEAS, so in my opinion using one of their practice tests is the way to go, if you can.

    I bought one online practice test and took it before studying anything, just to figure out where I stand. That's my other big piece of advice, btw....do a full practice test as a diagnostic tool, so you won't spend too much time studying things you're already good at. That's how I found out I really just needed to focus on sciences and a little math, so I used the books for that. Then I got/took the second practice test the day before the exam, but that's not advice---it's just my style to be anxious the day before and frantically keep going through material, even when I know it well!

    I'm anxious about all this app stuff too, so I get how you feel----hopefully it'll turn out well for us! As far as interviews, I'm assuming you meant "when"...and from what I've read throughout the UTMB forums on allnurses, they'll probably send out letters anytime between March and April (one post said May?) I think if you get in your application soon, that'll give you time to call them and make sure they have everything by 2/15, and then hopefully you'll hear something soon.
  5. by   tacman66
    I just sent my app through UTMB yesterday and paid the one fee. I am taking the TEAS on Thursday. I paid for the practice test on the ATI website to see where I needed review. I am also applying as a second degree. Glad someone started this tread for 2011!

    Did you get your TEAS results right after you finished the test or did you have to wait a few days?
  6. by   punkydoodlesRN
    I did the practice test and didn't even get through it all before I began to panic. I hate testing. I did just take the NLN competency exam for A&P and breezed though it - I just hope I remember more than I give myself credit for.

    And yup, I meant "when"... See, I'm so nervous about the whole process I can't even think/type straight!!

    I'm still struggling with the darn essay. My grades were pretty rough my freshman yr of college, but that was 10 years ago. I just graduated last week with my AA in Biology and I had honors - so I've definitely improved. Well, I just got SERIOUS. I had a semester with solid F's because I truly thought I had withdrawn - I was pregnant and went into pre-term labor and ended up loosing our baby. School was the LAST thing on my mind and now I'm paying for it. I'm just praying that the admissions committee realizes that it was almost 7 years ago and sees how far I've come since then!!

    I hope to be classmates with many of you in the near future!!
  7. by   chaos0058
    Tacman - welcome to the thread! My results were on the ATI website the next day. I think they might be available right away but I didn't check, since I was getting ready to take the HESI A2 the next day (ugh! Got it all out of the way at the same time though, and it all turned out really well, yay!)

    Punkydoodles - so sorry about your everything that happened with your pregnancy, it sounds like that was a really difficult time. From everything I've read, UTMB is really interested in a holistic view of you; I think of all the schools around here, they are the most likely to understand having a period of bad grades. And it's great that you have awesome grades now! I really think they'll focus more on that...it's much more representative of where you're at now. Plus they have interviews, which are really done in a relaxed way---so if you wanted to you might be able to talk with your interviewer about being back on track school-wise. Good luck with TEAS! I think you're right, you know way more than you give yourself credit for. It's just a question of being able to access it
  8. by   tacman66
    I got the TEAS out of the way today. They will give you your score as soon as you finish. One down. It is frustrating that the schools around Houston all seem to want different tests, TEAS, HESI, ACT. Oh well one step at a time.
  9. by   punkydoodlesRN
    Quote from tacman66
    I got the TEAS out of the way today. They will give you your score as soon as you finish. One down. It is frustrating that the schools around Houston all seem to want different tests, TEAS, HESI, ACT. Oh well one step at a time.

    I agree - I wanted to apply to several schools, but I hate the different tests. So, for now it's just UTMB and ACC transition for me. Guess that's kinda like putting all of my eggs in one basket, but I just made the decision to go on right now, so it's last minute and I'm out of time!
  10. by   RosalieDao
    Hello everyone! I'm 19 and I am a sophomore at the University of Houston. I am also applying to the BSN nursing program at UTMB for Fall 2011 I've taken my TEAS test a couple of weeks ago. I've met the competitive overall score, but I was debating on whether I should take it again since my science portion wasn't as high as I wanted it to be. I've spoken to one of the admissions advisors at UTMB via email. I sent her my unofficial transcript recently. She's supposed to take a look at it. I haven't had much experience in the medical field ever since I started college because of personal reasons, but I'm afraid that it will affect my chances of getting in. I wasn't able to apply to UT or TWU in Houston because I changed my major during Spring 2010 and deadlines were coming up way too soon. I'd have to take a semester off in order to apply to TWU and UT if I don't get into UTMB! Do any of you know if the TEAS is more difficult than the HESI? And are any of you planning on trying to live off campus if you do get accepted?
  11. by   chaos0058
    Personally I thought TEAS was a bit harder than the HESI, but all these tests cover basically the same subject matter in the end; they're just organized differently.

    I'm definitely living off-campus because I have a cat. Not really sure what the apartment scene in Galveston is like, but I'm good with anything small, cheap and as close to school as possible.

    I don't have an ounce of medical experience either! Supposed to start volunteering at Seton hospital in Austin within a couple weeks, so I'm hoping that'll help when interviews come. They like experience, but hopefully it's not a dealbreaker.

    Now my current issue with applications is a huge case of writer's block. Hoping to crack it this week and get going on essays...
  12. by   RosalieDao
    I also heard the TEAS was a bit harder than the HESI, mainly because the science portion in the TEAS covers more sciences?

    Since UTMB is the only nursing school I will be applying to for the Fall, it's really my only chance of graduating on time (or else I may be a semester or a year behind if I attend UT or TWU in the Spring of 2012 or Fall 2012.). I have a friend in the same boat as me. She just started volunteering at a hospital this week. Many of the nurses she works with recommended for her to apply to UT and TWU in Houston. The reason behind this is because they claim that UT and TWU will help graduating nurses find a job in a Houston. I'm afraid that it will be difficult for me to find a job in Houston if I graduate from UTMB. Do any of you know if UTMB works with Houston hospitals?

    I really want to volunteer! It's just very difficult trying to squeeze a lot of volunteer hours in between my class schedule. Does anyone know of any Houston hospitals that take a lot of volunteers and are flexible with schedules?
  13. by   twoy83
    I have applied for the BSN program at UTMB, P.V., and Lamar. I was wondering how long after testing does the school receive the scores? Im really hoping to get into UTMB program. i wish you all the best of luck as the deadline for admission is fastly approaching. One last question is the Teas harder than the Hesi?
  14. by   RosalieDao
    Hello again everyone! So I have a major issue. I live in the Houston area. If I do end up studying at UTMB, I was planning on moving to Galveston. Now, I have an issue! I've heard that clinicals will be in Galveston and ALSO in Houston at the med-center, etc. And that would be really, REALLY tiring trying to drive back and forth :/ I'm not sure what to do or how the students at UTMB do it. Does anyone have any more information about this or suggestions?