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Anyone else apply to UTMB? Just wondering if anyone else it out there waiting in agony?... Read More

  1. by   Zimbala
    i still haven't heard anything from the nurisng school..
    how many spaces do you guys think are left?
    i am freaking out...
  2. by   Dramaangel621
    anybody else get their letter yet?
  3. by   luvileejenn
    Im still waiting also.....

    I called UTMB yesterday and the lady i spoke to said that they will try to send out all the remaining letter by early august....

    Im in an lvn program right now, but i wish they would let us know soon...hopefully before summer II start, since i still need to take Chemistry!

    DOES ANYONE KNOW IF WE COULD TAKE A PRE-REQ WHILE IN THE PROGRAM??? I have everything else except for Chemistry, some people said i have to take it before the program start...and the lady i spoke to yesterday said i could take it while im in the program???? Different people told me different answers...DOES ANYONE KNOW???
  4. by   moncj66
    The lady I spoke with said at the end of June the rest of the letters will be sent out but that was like two weeks ago. I dont think u can take courses during the nursing program. It has to be finished before class starts at the end of August.
  5. by   RocketsSON
    so any news from UTMB? and how is apartment searching for yall been doing?
  6. by   AggieQT
    My fiance and I just signed a lease in Friendswood... it was the only happy medium because he works at 290 and the Beltway on the northwest side of Houston... we move in late July... I am sooooo excited!
  7. by   RocketsSON
    haha nice i live near where your husband works! im like 2 mins away from 290 and belt 8. Im moving into my new apartment in july also... cant wait!
  8. by   DMDTX
    Anyone here anything yet? It is June 30th and my status still says pending. I tried calling the preadmissions adviser, Dana Robertson, but she is no longer with the SON. Another person I spoke to on Friday told me that we should expect to hear something by July 15th. They keep extending the time for the final decisions.
  9. by   moncj66
    Yeah, they told me the same thing. I called yesterday and she said early July, we should know something. I wish they could atleast tell us through the enrollment services or something!
  10. by   DMDTX
    Anyone hear something from UTMB regarding admissions? Anyone's online status change from "pending?"

    I sure hope they let us know soon!
  11. by   RocketsSON
    yea all my admission is all there and there is no pending and also i called about the orientation packet they will be sending that soon and orientation is on august 20 - 21 and school starts on august 27th good luck and hope to see yall there =P
  12. by   RocketsSON
    Just receive my orientation packet.... did anyone else receive theirs?
  13. by   niceguytx
    What does UTMB stand for?