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Okay so im applying to uthscsa for the spring and was wondering if anyone knows what gpa they look at and any other helpful ideas to get an interview etc. my prereq gpa is 3.74 but my overall gpa is... Read More

  1. by   FutureRN76
    Cali, when did you get that card? Did you get it in the mail?
  2. by   calinative84
    I got the card on Tuesday in the mail. It was a really small post card. Blue.
  3. by   bond2b
    Future, I just sent it on this Monday. I mailed the paper to them. I do not know if they got all the paper. I have to wait and see.
  4. by   AFmedx13
    Does anybody know when the orientation dates are?
  5. by   calinative84
    Quote from AFmedx13
    Does anybody know when the orientation dates are?
    The dates are Jan 6-8th.
  6. by   nurse-Losy
    I am an international student and I got my acceptance for nursingg graduate study at UTHSCSA two days ago. I am so excited and happy to start. Is anyone here going to start on spring 2010? I am looking for friends :spin:
  7. by   calinative84
    Hey Everyone! Hope your final days of prepping are working out. Looking forward to coffee already!
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  8. by   FutureRN76
    Hi Nurse-Losy, welcome to the board. I think you are the only one so far that I've seen that has been admitted for Graduate studies at UTHSCSA on this thread. From what I've read mostly all of us who have been posting are going into the undergraduate programs, whether it be generic (we don't have a bachelor's degree already) or accelerated (already have a degree, getting a second one in nursing). Good luck to you in your studies!
  9. by   CyclicalEvents
    Just some info. A girl in my class already got her clinical assignment. She'll be doing them at the VA.
  10. by   AFmedx13
    I should be getting to San Antonio 19 December. I am hoping i do not need to be there in person for anything before that date. Yikes.

  11. by   calinative84
    Cyclical...Did she tell you how she knows?
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  12. by   itsMEkassiah
    I havent gotten anything back yet just finished turning in all my paperwork in yesterday though...
  13. by   Leslie Joy
    Hello & congrats to everyone! =]. I also got that letter in the mail from the school about the VA. It says there is orientation on Dec 16, so, I'm guessing that's where my clinical assignment is.