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Just wondering if anyone else is planning/hoping to attend UTHSCSA in the spring. I interviewed and tested last week which went well. I am hoping for a positive letter soon. It seems like... Read More

  1. by   ballerbooboo
    thanks for congrats to eveyone who got accepted.. i was wondering anyone who is currently attending the program or will be attending this spring have any recommendaton on some apartments out there. I've looked all around and i see good price and bad price for an apartments and also bad rating that isnt worth the amount. So i was wondering anyone would give me some list of good apartment they think is safe and affordable that they reccommnd. thanks
  2. by   moncj66
    well, whats ur budget? The apartment i found was oaks of northgate on oakdell way. The reviews are mixed but every apartment has problems. I think their pretty quiet but they dont have a gate. I will be paying $515 a month. I also found the hills at woodway which are decent but apartments are smaller starting at 565. I wanted more room thats why i chose oaks at northgate.
  3. by   moncj66
    Also, has anyone ordered their ATI supplement books. Do u have the list? I went their on thursday, got the list, then lost it somewhere on my way home. I live in houston, so i cant just go back and get another one.
  4. by   ballerbooboo
    I havent order it yet but i think i have the list if i find it i let you know...
    I still searching for apt as well ...thanks for the information on apts.. i'll look in to it. Im also from houston so i sometime dont have time to go back n forth and look for apt and its hard to determine the apt from a review.
  5. by   Gennaver
    Hi y'all,

    I'm conditionally accepted for a fall seat in the PhD in Nursing program at UTHSCSA.

    This is really exciting news for me. I'm from Chicago but have been living in SA since July, (I'm an Army nurse at BAMC).

    Nice to read you.
  6. by   moncj66
    Can anyone tell me anything about the program. Is the first semester hard or what. Im happy but scared at the same time.

    CONGRATS GENNAVER! Welcome aboard.