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Just wondering if anyone else is planning/hoping to attend UTHSCSA in the spring. I interviewed and tested last week which went well. I am hoping for a positive letter soon. It seems like... Read More

  1. by   moncj66
    Does anyone know if a PDA is necessary, i was going to buy a blackberry yesterday but decided to wait until I did my research.
  2. by   iHeartNICU
    I am graduating in December and I have never used a pda and never felt like i missed out. That being said, there are lots of people with them who think they are wonderful. But no it's not necessary.
  3. by   texasnurse08
    For some reason it seems like there is like nobody from SA on this board. I have asked questions before and gotten 0 replies. Best of luck.

    I agree, I'm from San Antonio too!
  4. by   ballerbooboo
    i went thru my interview and testing...there wasn't many ppl there for the interview...i think they break it down in session. One lady told me that they will be interviewing through sept and letter comes out mid oct. I don't know what my chances of getting is but hopefully i get the acceptance letter...good luck to everyone..
  5. by   moncj66
    hopefully, someone posts if they get their acceptance letters. So we know when 2 stalk the mailman. She told me mid oct to mid november at the latest.
  6. by   moncj66
    I GOT IN! tell a friend,lol. SOoo happy, wasnt expecting letter soo early. But, yeah start bugging the mailman Now.
  7. by   jodeciTX
    I will be starting the accelerated program at uthscsa in spring! Anyone know of any decent/affordable housing near the school? Is there suppose to be a deposit to hold your spot in the program?
  8. by   ballerbooboo
    hey yeah,, i got in as well....i got into the regular 13 hrs semester and we have til oct 29th to mail it back and i'm planning to do it asap....Which program did you get in moncj66? I thought i was rejected when they mail me a small envlope not a big package...did ya get a small envlope as well or a big package? congrats to moncj66 and jodecitx.

    Now i have to find a afforable place to live around there
  9. by   jodeciTX
    thanks and congrats ballerbooboo! i got a small envelope and thought the same thing haha..i'll probably start looking for a place in late nov or early dec =]
  10. by   moncj66
    congrats to everyone that got accepted. I got a small package as well. Make sure you try to look up your apartment at apartmentratings.com, so u know what to expect.
  11. by   moncj66
    I got in for the regular 13 hour semester,ballbooboo. Does anyone know the colors for our nursing uniforms cause I want to order them now.
  12. by   ballerbooboo
    my friend who attend the medical school there told me the scrub are pink,,thats gonna be weird since im a male nurse....hopefully its dif. for male hehee but pink would do i really dont care hehe
  13. by   iHeartNICU
    Congrats to all of you. You have a long 2 years ahead of you but it is worth it in the end if you find a job you love. I graduate in December and can't wait.

    Anyways, uniform for school of nursing (the generic program) is all white....including shoes. Some instructors have you wear a white button up scub top while others will allow you to wear a regular white scrub top. So, you may not want to buy anything until you know for sure....you probably would not go wrong buying a regular white scrub top however. The only times you don't have to wear white is at Laurel Ridge for psych you will wear hunter green scrubs and for the other psych places i believe it's regular business casual clothes. Also, in your peds clinical you can wear colorful/print scrubs.

    Best of luck to all of you. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask.
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