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Is anyone out there applying at UTA for the spring? I was wondering, if we are asked to interview, what month would that be? and does anyone know when they send out their final decision? Also,... Read More

  1. by   IceStar817
    Hey guys, my guess is that some people who were accepted but apparently may have not passed patho or pharm or any other prereq's that must be completed prior to the start of the semester, therefore may have not be able to start the program. Other assumptions could have been a criminal background. You must pay and submit a background check prior to the start of the program. Another guess is that they simply just went to a different school. I knew some people who went to orientation prior to the start of class but eventually dropped out bc they feel that nursing isn't just for them. You do get to see alot of amazing but sometimes "weird" things as you interact with real-life patients.

    As for the question whereas if there is any consequence if you get accepted but decide to leave uta for another school, my guess is that you'll just simply give up your spot for another student. There will be no consequences bc you havent turn in any paperwork or haven't attended the mandatory orientation. If you do go to the orientation but still decide to drop out of the program, Ms. Ashwill will be the one to talk to for that. There will be some paperwork done saying that you want to drop out etc.
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  2. by   goopsy
    so I'm guessing that no one has heard any new news yet? I have been freaking out and going to get the mail everyday at 4 pm since ayeisha told us there was no interview. Originally, Justin said we were going to get letters for an interview this week. Now that there is no interview, do you guys think that we will get letters of acceptance/rejection this week then? I know he said end of September, but does this count? lol. I don't think this is what he meant by end of Sept. but I am getting more and more restless and weirded out every additional day that we wait. We turned in applications by Jun 1; what is taking so long to decide?
  3. by   ayeisha
    no i havent heard news yet and it doesnt look like they are sending out letter this week either. i think they really do mean the end of september...like the week of the 27. it shouldnt take 3 months to figure out who is accepted. and it seems like the longer i wait the more i start to get antsy, because today in one of my classes there was this guy talking to me and he said his friend had a 4.0 last semester and didnt get in....and with interviews being taken out, all thats left is gpa
  4. by   goopsy
    I wouldn't worry about what he said because a lot of people over-exagerate stuff. Maybe his friend interviewed really poorly. At the sophomore success event, Justin said himself that the cutoff GPA for Fall 2009 was 3.6. For Spring 2009 it was 3.5, and for the Fall 2008, it was 3.7. I wrote it down. He also mentioned that around 450 applied, and out of those 450, about 100 to 150 were not eligible (as in they didnt take the HESI, didn't meet the minimum GPA, etc.). So really, that is 300 to 350 people we are competing against. I am worried, but I have also learned to take everything I have heard with a grain of salt. I do not have a 4.0, but Justin was extremely confident in my application, and he told me, in an advisory session, that I would pretty much get an interview but he couldn't put that on paper because it was not an official statement. And he said if you get an interview, you are pretty much in as long as you show up dressed nice, can speak confidently and coherently, and show up on time. Since there are not having interviews, though, now there is not that initial buffer of people skipping interviews, people not dressing nicely, people not being able to talk coherently, so maybe they will accepting people they might not normally have if they had the interview. I am still confident in my application and feel stongly about it but at the same time just plain freaking out. I just want to know! I think we will find out the week of the 28th as well, but I am just trying to fool myself into thinking it will be before lol. I guess that is just a week and a half away, but seems so long from now. *sigh*
  5. by   ms.hopeful2013
    Ive been checking my mail like crazy, Im thinking we will find out next weekend. I feel like they are going to mail out the letter next Thursday or Friday and we should get it by sat of next week! so I'm hoping for sept 25 or 26. I just really hope we all get in! This has been a long process, and I just want to know if I am accepted in nursing school. So I can know what I need to do next Spring if I'm not! I know in the past that they have mailed out the letters towards the end of the week, I'm assuming they do that so people will not be calling the SON asking where the letter is. lol
  6. by   goopsy
    yah I agree, I noticed they have been sent at the end of the week as well. I also think that it will probably be sent out next thurs/fri. That just makes sense to me.
  7. by   IceStar817
    It's a bit nostalgic reading these posts and how it reminded me of how i was in your "shoes".

    Just a word of encouragement, if you don't get an acceptance letter, please please don't let that make you give up becoming a nurse. Keep trying, keep motivated, keep working (retake classes to increase gpa then re-apply, etc.) because you WILL eventually be a nurse some day. Look at it as a small bump on the road, but there are plenty of alternatives to reach that dream goal of being a nurse. I know some people who were waitlisted and still got in on time b/c other students may have not met the requirements i stated in my previous post. Others may have taken the ADN route to get their BSN. Whatever you do, don't let a simple letter discourage you. If nursing is your dream, then keep at it and it will eventually come true. Hope to hear some good news soon =).

    The Smart Hospital is very fun and valuable to us students. They have ICU, ER, pedi, med/surge, and other rooms with high tech equipments and similar things to what we will see at a hospital setting. And you can take pictures in there too! If you're a facebook type person, you will want to take pictures when doing a foley catheter insertion on a male/female manikin during your jr 1 semester. Or when we give each other bed baths. Some of you will know what i mean.
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  8. by   ms.hopeful2013
    Thanks Ice Star817 for the encourgement! We will keep you posted
  9. by   goopsy
    Thanks IceStar for the info!
    One more week down, and one left to go (hopefully less)!!!!!!!!!!
  10. by   Dagek

    I was reading ya'll thread and it seems like most of the people who apply got a really high GPA and now I'm just so nervous. I'm a sophmore and I only got a 3.3 GPA since I messed up my freshman year with fraternities and procrasination. Does anyone know why they stop doing interviews? I was really shock when I found out about that last week.
  11. by   ayeisha
    hi Dagek,

    well from what Ive been told by counselors at UTA, you need to aim for at least a 3.5 gpa to be competitive and have a chance of getting in. Did you apply for the spring 2010 semester ? if you havent applied yet, I would just try boosting your GPA by retaking classes next semester you have bad grades in and doing a grade replacement.
    the main reason they stop doing interviews is because the faculty within the School of Nursing reviewed the admission policy related to interviewing students. After evaluating the data they determined that the interviews were not a significant determinant in acceptance into the program.
  12. by   goopsy
    yes, my advisor emailed me that the whole process was way too subjective and did not make a difference in whether you were accepted or not. strange, but hey, it saves me from stressing over an interview! btw, I got an email today saying I was admitted to the school of nursing fast track program. I was super excited!
  13. by   IceStar817
    That's good to hear goopsy, congrats!