University of Houston-Victoria second degree BSN spring 2013 - page 15

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  1. by   tlc0584
    nevermind... You have to fax in both forms.
  2. by   bambina_12
    I also received my acceptance letter.. So excited for all of us
  3. by   mrmrz3
    AHHHHHH!!!! I got my acceptance email too! So excited for all of us! Congrats to everyone I am looking forward to next year and meeting you guys!
  4. by   Chocolate88
    Just checked my email and got my acceptance too!!!

    YAYAYAYAYYYYY Can't wait to meet you all soon!
  5. by   Chocolate88
    A friend I met at the orientation has created a private facebook group... personal message me your names so I can add ya'll if ya'll want so we can all communicate there!
  6. by   2bnurse101010
    oh my! if you have received the acceptance letter and i did not... That means I am not accepted.... I am sure they send the acceptance letter to everyone all at the same time.... it is so sad... i really thought i am going to be part of the group.... rejection is hard to accept....
  7. by   2bnurse101010
    i keep refreshing my email this afternoon...and i have to get out of the house to get it out of my mind... when i come back i read all your postings so i checked my email and i did not receive any email from them.... i feel really down right now... BUT... congratulations to all of you.. i wish you all the best and i know you will all be good nurses...
  8. by   Chocolate88
    Nurse1010101 - I am so sorry I just got the email about 2 hours ago. Maybe they'll send the emails in batches? They said they would send rejection email/letters too -- so maybe there's still hope? :/ Good luck!!!
  9. by   mrmrz3
    Yes, they did say in batches. Last year some didn't get an email until the following monday. So, all hope is not lost!
  10. by   2bnurse101010
    Thank you Chocolate88. I surely want to believe there is still hope but from the previous readings from the batches 2010, 2011, and 2012... none of the hopeful ones received any acceptance email on the second day.... I know there are other schools out there but sometimes it is hard to accept rejection when I have already pre-conditioned my mind of being part of the group... I have already set a time frame and plans.. it will definitely change my plans... Thanks anyway.... I am very happy for all of you though....
  11. by   islander09 do i send a private message on here? thanks!
  12. by   saw46
    Yay I also got in! Congrats to everyone I am excited for this journey to begin
  13. by   Chocolate88
    Islander - i just sent a request to add you as a friend on the forum. Add me as a friend so I can private message you . I think that's how it