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Is anyone out there applying to TWU for the Spring of 2010? Just thought that I would start a group for all of us hopefuls so we could share information and have a way to communicate with each... Read More

  1. by   achoutx
    Okay so its 12 midnight and I should be in bed. Watched a late movie here at home and then decided to check my emails. Well i check in this order gmail account 1 and 2, stop...omgosh...i see some Houstonians have been accepted and I see the high gpa and i am think crap!!!. So i nervously login into my student account with only one eye open...literally...and I see CONGRATULATIONS ACCEPTANCE SPRING 2010!!! So I run to the bedroom and turn the lights on with out a care and woke up my husband..."i got in i got in" He looks stunned and says "well what does it say!" I say, "i dunno, i didnt finish reading it" so we both come over to the computer and read the letter and I open both attachments to be sure i was reading right. I told him " i think i am gonna be sick!" :imbarMy stomach was so knotted up because of my excitement, i seriously could feel some food wanting to purge. But I took a couple deep breaths and relax...I am so excited!!!

    So since registration is soon what are the schedules looking like? Will be meeting with advisors first? I have no clue what to take and when...omgosh I am so nervous!!! YIKES
  2. by   sunniiiie
    its almost 1 am and i'm back from my celebratory party! congrats to class of fall 2011 dallas and houston compus! woo-hoo!
  3. by   eeburrah
    congratulations everyone! i got in too!!!! i'm so ecstatic, i think i woke up the neighbors and i scared my puppy!!!!
  4. by   RNJD77
    To all of those who got into the houston camps,are yopu guys going to attend the open house at twu on november 5th this Thursday? I'm definetly going to go since I know I'm in finally! To see what we can expect!Everyone should come if they haven't went yet!
  5. by   RNJD77
    You. Know what guys I've noticed a a lot of ppl got in,practically everyone on our forum!maybe after all of the waiting they decided to et everyone in which is fantastic new! I'm so happpy for all of us! All of our hard work paid off!
  6. by   eeburrah
    you guys, goopsy made a facebook group for us. yay!

    TWU Nursing - Class of Fall 2011
  7. by   ali523
    Quote from am014
    Congratulations everyone!! I know I am kind of new and don't know seem to know everyone as well but I am so very excited for you all and know the joy you are experiencing! I told myself I was not going to check my email until Monday but after getting emails that new posts were being written on the thread I had to check and make sure...and I got in as well!!! I have also applied to UT in Houston but they are not supposed to notify us until November 15th. I am encountering a problem though that I wonder if anyone else is experiencing. We must notify them by November 9th; however, I will not know about my UT Houston admission status until the 15th. I have not exactly made my decision as to which one I would choose (if I were to get into both). Any thoughts?!? And is anyone else undergoing the same situation? Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    i am in the exact same situation...i'm not sure what to do!
  8. by   alyssa3788
    OMGGGG GUYS i got in too!! I am shaking! i just read this forum this morning so i just checked it! lol i am SO EXCITED!! congrats to us all! i can't wait to meet everyone!
  9. by   lcapNICU_RN
    I GOT IN TOO!!!!! congrats to all of us!!!! I'm in the same boat with UT!!! What is everyone else going to do about the UT situation?
  10. by   lcapNICU_RN
    oh to the houston campus!!!
  11. by   TWTX
    Hello Everyone! I'm new to the blog, but I've been reading it everyday for months! I just want to say Congratulations to everyone! Also I have been accepted to the Houston campus. I just posted on FB, and I am so looking forward to meeting the Houstonians! I want to know if any of you want to get together sometime. I won't be able to make it to the upcoming open house, but please keep me posted if any of you want to get together soon!
  12. by   eeburrah
    i can't find any information about the open house on the twu website. does anyone have a link to it?
  13. by   lhojo
    Congratulations to everyone who got in, I'm so excited for all of you!!

    I still haven't received an email for Houston or Dallas I am wondering if there is some kind of error or what? My GPA is a 3.92 and my HESI score was an 82 with an 850 critical thinking score. I would think that would have at least qualified me for Houston.... any ideas? I'm totally bummed.