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Hey guys! I don't know what happened to the last thread but I wanted to create a new one! Anyone out there applying for Fall 2012 to the Houston campus? I'm super excited and have all my stuff taken... Read More

  1. by   sorayah
    Hey everyone,

    I was accepted to the fall houston program, so I will see yall next week! Ive been living in california for the past 5 years, but I grew up in Texas. Does anyone live around the area and have any suggestions as far as apartments and places to live/work/have fun? I grew up in Dallas, and Im somewhat familliar with the Houston area, but not nearly as much as i'd like to be. Im so exctied to start this program and cant wait to move. Do you guys know how many people are in the program in Houston? Anyways, its cool to be on here and hear from people who are going through the same thing as me! Thanks!
  2. by   namtx07
    I can't believe that I never heard anything back from them...
  3. by   ktdidit
    Nothing? I would definitely call them and see what the status is. I'm sorry that happened to you, I can't imagine how frustrated you are!

    Congratulations and welcome aboard! I can't wait to meet everyone next week! As far as places to live they should have all kinds of information on that next Friday! At the open house I went to they had booths set up for different apartments and such. Jobs are really endless depending on what you want to do. I work part time at a hospital in TMC and I know the hospitals there are always hiring! All my family is in Dallas and I think it has more fun things to do than here! Maybe I just haven't found the right places yet! I can't remember the exact number of students for Fall but I was thinking give or take around 100. Anyway I hope your move goes well and look forward to meeting you next week!
  4. by   ktdidit
    For anyone out there still on here! Does anyone know for sure when the deadline is for payment on the Summer Patho class? I've tried looking at the website but it is a little confusing ... I think it is May 29. Also is anyone going to do a payment plan for the summer and if so do you know any information on it? Thanks!
  5. by   ChristenNease
    Hi everyone,

    I am wondering if anyone knows the average acceptance or the lowest acceptance for TWU HOUSTON in 2012. I will have a 3.62 after the .4 bump and disappointedly a 64.7 on the teas :[ I had to speed thorough the math section because I had not paid attention to the time I was spending on it so this could really mess up any chance I have... I don't have time to retake the exam and it's not being given anywhere near me.