Two Nurses dead in North Texas - page 3

On May 16, Alisa Stewart-40 of Plano and Amy Wingfield-31 OF Celina were returning from lunch on a nice sunny day. When their white Ford SUV pulled up to their workplace: North Central Medical Center... Read More

  1. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I would swear that I saw a post just like this one last year.
  2. by   kdhnursern
    Like so many of you, my prayers are with the families of those nurses. And I was SO impressed with the intelligent responses I have read on this forum. I am a competitive handgunner and also like to shoot my AR-15 and Benelli shotgun. My husband and I have a $1600 gunsafe and are very responsible gun owners. We belong to the NRA, Gunowners of America, and Second Amendment Sisters. We shoot at GSSF Glock Shoots, IDPA shoots, and fundraisers for Special Olympics,etc. I have heard the horror stories from places such as Australia where they first registered and then took the law-abiding public's guns. Adolf Hitler did the same thing in Germany before WWII.
    With the gun laws already on the books, it is a felony for a person to attempt to purchase a firearm if they are a convicted felon or have a conviction for misdemeanor domestic violence no matter when that conviction occurred. This is punishable with 5 years in a federal prison and up to a $250,000 fine. As with most laws pertaining to guns, this one is not enforced to the extent that it could be.
    My 5 children and 8 grandchildren were raised to respect the rights of all people, including the right of responsible firearm ownership. ALL FIREARMS ARE LOADED! Children should be educated as to the dangers of unauthorized and unsupervised use of firearms.
    In conclusion, no rational person condones violence of the use of firearms illegally--nor for that matter the illegal use of alcohol, drugs, or automobiles. In this country, we have been granted certain rights by the Constitution that shall not be abridged: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press, and, although some might disagree, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
    As you can see, I believe strongly in this Right. I apologize if I have taken too much space or if you believe this is the wrong forum for this. I will now step down from my soap-box!
  3. by   ADH07
    You have the story all wrong two nurses didnt die just my aunt amy wingfield. also it wasnt paul wooley it was her husband Raymond Wingfield.... THANK YOU ..

    Rest in Peace


  4. by   carolmaccas66
    It always amazes me how all these so called manic depressives plead that their illness was out of control...yet they try to commit suicide so they won't get caught! We need to make people more accountable, even those with mental illness.
    May they RIP.
  5. by   PchezRN
    OMG! That is awful God bless the 2 nurses and their families. What a tragic story!
  6. by   xtxrn
    2002 thread. Hope they/the families are doing well