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Does anyone know when applicants will be notified for the TVCC Nursing Program for Fall 2012?? Has anyone gotten a checklist yet?... Read More

  1. by   monica83
    Quote from kk9921
    Has anyone got an notification email and or letter yet for fall 2013 ADN at TVCC?
    Nope just waiting supposed to be the 29th
  2. by   polo.
    In the TVCC ADN program brochure on page #2 it says that the hesi consists of reading math & grammar.... no A&P ??? so I am guessing you only need to take the critical thinking part of the HESI and not the full HESI that includes both critical thinking and A&P so does any one know which is needed ???

    Does any one know which Hesi exam TVCC ADN program requires ??? is it
    HESI A2 Entrance Exam WITH Critical Thinking


    Critical Thinking Exam ONLY