TVCC 2013 applicants ADN (Got 21 points?) - page 4

I will be applying to TVCC this fall, and this is the first year for the new max of 21 points. I'm just wondering since there are no offical records, how many people have 21 points? I don't have 21... Read More

  1. by   reeco1
    I got an email/ acceptance today!!!
  2. by   flowerpowernow
    Way to go! How many points did you have?
  3. by   patchadams2
    Congratulations I'm still prayerfully waiting I hope to say the same!! Good Luck to you!
  4. by   trs7707
    ADN acceptance emails have not gone out yet. I just called. They will go out the week after spring break.
  5. by   flowerpowernow
    Ummmm, @reeco1?
  6. by   flowerpowernow
    Anyone know people who are in the program now?
  7. by   patchadams2
    @flowerpowernow I know one person that is currently in the program now! She is in her second semester! Why?
  8. by   heya797
    I also go an email acceptance yesterday!!! I applied for the paramedic to rn transition program and those applicants find out this week.
  9. by   flowerpowernow
    Patchadams2- just curious how people like TVCC
  10. by   reeco1
    I had 17.
  11. by   reeco1
    Sorry but I did get an acceptance email. I was surprised because I was told that they wouldn't notify anyone until after spring break.
  12. by   reeco1
    I even called Jeffrey to make sure because the email was so generic.
  13. by   reeco1
    I had 17just points and currently enrolled.