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  1. If anyone out there has been a nursing student though TTUHSC, please let me know. There are a ton of little, unimportant questions I want to ask. Like, what exactly are the uniform guidelines during clinicals, any preofessors that are wonderful or that you have hints about their classes, etc. Please no professor bashing, as I would like to start out with a positive frame of mind. :-) I will hopefully be starting in August.
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  3. by   tx2007
    I just wanted to say good luck I will be hopefully starting the RN-BSN in August but have yet to find out any info either!!
  4. by   TXRN2005
    I will be starting the online RN-BSN program through Texas Tech in January. I am not sure about all of the details either, but I should be receiving the packet any day now & will share the details when I find out. I do know that there is a 2 day orientation that you have to attend in Lubbock.

    Is there anyone else that is starting the same program in January?
  5. by   bblair
    I am going to be in the second degree program in August. I will start taking my pre-reqs in January, as I have not had near enough sciences.
  6. by   bblair
    TXRN- Have you received any info. yet? Is the RN-BSN program for people who are already RN's and want their BSN, or are you getting both at the same time?

  7. by   TXRN2005
    The RN- BSN program is for people with their RN degree currently, but want to obtain their BSN. I received some paperwork from them, but it did not have much information in it. We have to meet for a 2 day orientation in Lubbock in January, so I guess that is when they will provide everything.
  8. by   amf1987
    i am hoping to start the undergrad bsn program in july!