Texas Health Resources(not new grad)

  1. Hi fellow nurses, I was hoping to find out some information on Texas Health Resources. I live out of state (but from Louisiana with family in Dallas) and am looking to move to the Texas area. So far I have only interviewed with THR while still waiting to hear about interviewing with Parkland and THR. Looks like I will be offered a position at THR Fort Worth location on the mother baby unit. Anyone know anything? About this hospital, the unit, how the benefits compare, etc.

    I was also offered a position at another hospital in Florida but I am 98% sure I am turning it down and taking the THR position just hoping to get more information.
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  3. by   rearviewmirror
    THR is one of the few hospital systems I have not worked at, so I can't offer clear judgement, but collected from interacting with peers and other coworkers, ex-coworkers, THR seems to have decent reputation. I know for sure that Parkland offered to pay about $2 more than other systems (that was 3-4 years ago) but it's crazy there so I personally didn't want to work there. Methodist pay is decent as well, Baylor is not as good. Both of their benefits didn't seem that great either. I had a coworker who moved to L&D in THR Fort Worth and she didn't have much to complain about so probably was decent enough. I don't think any hospital systems will blow you away since all people care about are cutting cost and saving money and paying as little as they can afford.
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    THR pays well for this area, has good benefits, is not-for-profit and still cares about trying to do the right thing. I respect them a great deal as an organization.