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  1. What is involved in getting licensed in Oklahoma for someone who already holds a Texas license (RN)??
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  3. by   CyclicalEvents
    You'll probably get an answer faster if you ask in the oklahoma forum
  4. by   TheCommuter
    You'll need to apply for licensure by endorsement to receive an Oklahoma RN license.

    Click on the link below to download and print the application for licensure by endorsement. Carefully follow the directions that accompany the application, submit payment, and mail all the items to the address listed.

  5. by   tclema
    It will take a long time to get your OK license, be prepared. I've seen an average of 5-6 weeks to get your OK license endorsed. Not fun.
  6. by   mzoverload
    Is this 5 to 6 weeks AFTER you have sent the paperwork. I just now am sending the background check paperwork in.
  7. by   tclema
    Oh yes. The OK Board told me it takes them only 3 days to endorse a license and if it takes longer, it is the Nurses fault, because he/she didn't fill out the paperwork correctly.
  8. by   katkonk
    I have considered taking temp positions in Oklahoma, so that I could work and see my extended family at the same time. I am a member of a compact state, as a resident of Texas. The whopping amount of documentation and forms and fees that OKLAHOMA requires is just ridiculous. I don't mind paying a fee and submitting a form for a background check, but to get letters from my employers? to prove that I have been compliant in maintaining my continuing ed requirements? First, my home state is in charge of that, i.e. random auditing of continuing ed. Second, my employer in Oklahoma would verify my work background-why does the State of Oklahoma need to do that as well? I work for 4 different agencies at different times, for different assignments. I refuse to get all of them to sign "notes" stating that I have been working, and blah, blah, blah, blah. What a pain in the as*!! Therefore, I have decided that it is definitely too much time and money to run around and get all the notes, the notarization, the etc. etc. etc. done, and Oklahoma has one less baccalaureate prepared RN working in that state. Compact states have the right idea...everyone monitors their own, and each state trusts the others to do it. If I am good to practice in one state, why not another? Good Grief! By the way, I have applied for licensure by endorsement in California, which is also thorough, but not to the ridiculous degree that OK requires. Sorry....just had to VENT!
  9. by   mzoverload
    Once I got all of the paperwork turned in to the OK Board of Nursing, I got my license within 2 weeks. Getting all of the needed documents wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be. Everyone was cooperative and very quick in their responses. I now have my license and am very pleased. For me, patience is not my best virtue....the licensing process does take time; the next state I will apply for will be Texas.