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Hi Everyone, I wanted to post and see if any of you are grads or hopefuls of the Texas A&M program at college station, the Health Science Center? I am currently a student at LoneStar college and I've... Read More

  1. by   AZ2B
    I have a question for all of you. I have my BS but do not meet TAMU-CON's core-requirements. I never had to take college algebra (will take this next semester) or any type of statistics. Should I take both and go for the accelerated program or should I go the slower route, as one previous poster said is better?

  2. by   Brandig07
    Hi AZ2B:
    Although Statistics is required, Business math is accepted as an acceptable substitute. I believe its common course number is Math 1324 or 1325.

    I had no idea that people had the option of doing the generic program even if they had a BS/BA until recently, and if you think that you would feel more comfortable in that setting, I say go for it. Hope this helps!
  3. by   CareerChangeMom
    Back in limbo...
  4. by   mrsaggie
    Still no change to your BAMF account? It just has your student data sheet and nothing else looks different?
  5. by   CareerChangeMom
    it looks exactly the same. what do you think is going on?
  6. by   mrsaggie
    That is strange I have no idea, not sure if they do either. Maybe they are waiting to get some responses back before they decide what to do with certain people, that is all I can think of. I know a lot of people are waiting to hear from UT Houston before making a decision about A&M. Not sure what is going on.
  7. by   CareerChangeMom
    maybe that is it, but it is pretty nerve wracking especially since they say the mailed out all the letters. I applied at UT and we are waiting to hear but they told us Nov 15th at the interview. where else did you apply?
  8. by   mrsaggie
    I agree, it is very stressful. Which do you prefer, A&M or UT Houston if you had your pick? UT Houston accepts a lot more people, which is really nice, I just couldn't live in Houston. I applied to A&M and UTA for the online program.
  9. by   CareerChangeMom
    I went to A&M and I absolutely loved it, my professors were awesome and the school did everything to make sure we all got jobs when we got out. Its pretty far from home though but I like the small classes. I also like UT because it is in medical center and there is a bus that goes from my area right to medical center. I was also pretty impressed at the information session i attended. Either one would be great.

    oh yeah, what else does it say on your BAMF
  10. by   aggiebecky
    mrsaggie... what does your bamf look like now that you have your letter?
  11. by   mrsaggie
    At first it had the student data sheet, then it had the waitlist form, and now at the top it say everything that my letter from the mail says about being on the waitlist. I emailed them on Monday and they said everything was sent out and uploaded online. But I still have a feeling that they may be waiting for some people to respond or something because you are not the only one according to the forums that is still clueless.
  12. by   CareerChangeMom
    clueless is definitely the word for it. lol
  13. by   Brandig07
    Hey MrsAggie:
    I actually applied for the UTA Academic Partnership program to get the last few nursing pre-reqs done, and so far I can not complain other than my adviser is not the best. I have not applied for the clinical part yet, as I have 2 of those nursing pre-reqs to do.

    I am seriously hoping I got in to TAMHSC, but now I am starting to really doubt myself. I did really well on the HESI with a 89.6 but my GPA is just 3.0 and change. My science courses are all A's and a few B's, but I am starting to think it wont be enough.

    I contacted Texas A&M CC about that E-line program and it is very similar to UTA's except the clinicals are at the Med here in town! So that is something to think about since you're local. If I don't get in here at the HSC, I think I will apply to that too.

    If anyone gets news today, be sure to post!