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Hi Everyone, I wanted to post and see if any of you are grads or hopefuls of the Texas A&M program at college station, the Health Science Center? I am currently a student at LoneStar college and I've... Read More

  1. by   RachH
    Quote from rach363

    i went to the information session and they said they will not be conducting interviews! it all depends on your hesi scores, science gpa and the letter you sent!

    i was wondering what do yall have for your hesi scores and gpa? i'm so nervous, but we should be finding out soon!
    thanks for the info! i was really worried that there were interviews and i wasn't invited. did they say how many people applied, how many people will be admitted, or how many people will be wait-listed? any statistics for what kind of gpas or hesi scores will get you in? or a date that we'll be getting letters? i know that we'll have letters by early april, but are they sending out some before then? i'm so nervous... i want to go to a&m so much.
  2. by   Rach363
    I know I am in the same boat as you! They told us that there is no kind of stats for GPAs or HESI because the program is soo new that there isn't enough information on what the average is. They did say that only 33 people will get into the program and if you do not made a 75 on each required section of the HESI you will not be eligible to attend the school even if your GPA is at a 4.0!! For the wait-listed part they said they do but she did not say how many... She also said if you get wait-listed be prepared b/c a couple girls who got letters turned down the position like 2 weeks b4 the program started and so the people wait-listed had to make living arrangements very fast! Lastly, I called the HSC a couple weeks ago and the lady that answered said we should expect or letters at the end of March or early April depending on how many people they narrow down the positions to. I hoped I relieved a little bit of stress off your shoulders!
  3. by   LindsayPaige
    Has anyone got there letter yet?
  4. by   Rach363
    not yet!! Any day now though!
  5. by   RachH
    Nope, I haven't heard anything since I sent my background check card.
  6. by   bestaver
    I am obsessively checking the mailbox also! Did anyone apply and not get asked to do the background check? I'm wondering if being asked for the background check is a good sign...
  7. by   LindsayPaige
    I'm wondering the same thing.
  8. by   RachH
    Does anyone know the date that they'll be sending letters?
  9. by   bestaver
    The website says beginning of April so I'm thinking we should receive our letter no later than April 10th. That's what I've concluded anyway. I've been stalking the mailman so I had to tell myself a date. LOL!
  10. by   RachH
    No A&M for me.

    I didn't get an admissions decision yet, but my husband did and it was a no. Since we're trying to stay in the same city that means College Station is out. He's already been accepted at U of H, and I'm still waiting to hear back from UT-H and UTMB (I'm pretty confident about UTMB,) so I suspect we'll be going to Houston. Neither of us has heard back from UT San Antonio, though.
  11. by   Rach363
    I'm sorry to here that, when did he get his letter, and if you don't mind me asking... what kind of grades and hesi grades does he have?! Did you go to the interviews for UTMB? I have one on Monday... I'm kind of nervous!
  12. by   LindsayPaige
    I'm sorry Hawkins about your husband not getting in. I know it disappointing but, Houston has a great program as well. I'm sure you are going to get in at UH-T or UTMB. I wouldn't worry about it.

    Rach363-Don't worry about the interview. It was completely relaxed and informal. Go in there with confidence and just be yourself. Good luck to you.
  13. by   Rach363
    LindsayPaige- Thanks! I have been readng that you get your response like two weeks after your interview so that is good! No wait time! Where else did you apply? And have you heard anything back from anywhere?
    I applied to UT Houston, and a couple of my friends have and they haven't sent anything out except a form showing what classes I have taken... Who knows!?