Temple/Waco/Killeen area

  1. My wife and I are looking for a change and thinking of headed down to this area. Wanting to get any opinions on it and see how good/bad it could be before we road trip and look around. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   brewjar
    This reply is probably too late, but here it is anyway.
    Waco and the surrounding area is beautiful. This is one of a few places that I would relocate to without enticements.
    Temple is OK and would relocate there if there was a great job opportunity for me.
    Killeen is not OK. I had lived there for over 3 years and will not go back, except for a fairy-tale job opportunity. I would not live in Killeen though; Georgetown, Harker Heights, and even Temple/Belton would be better.
  4. by   caliotter3
    This is dated info, no idea how things have changed. Lived in Harker Heights and Killeen when we were in the military. My husband, being that he was already familiar with the area, was very careful in choosing where we lived, due to the crime. We still were crime victims. I would make sure you do your due diligence when finding a home, just like anywhere.
  5. by   That Guy
    Nope not too late at all. Thank you for that reinforcement though. Everyone I talk to says Waco and Temple/Belton are good, killeen is just a no go.
  6. by   adubs923
    Copperas Cove is small but nice and quiet. I think my husband (Army retired gov't employee), teen, and I would have liked living in Harker Heights as it was a little more diverse. Waco is great although with Chip & Joanna it might be over priced. I say all this with the caveat that I'm from PA and lived in Cove for a year before returning to PA. Not enough family support and if you're not military or military friendly finding other friend couples might be tough.
  7. by   bugya90
    Waco is nice but home prices and taxes are going up thanks to the Fixer Upper and tourism. There are some parts of Waco you don't want to live in due to crime but a quick review search when you start apartment hunting will steer you away from those areas. If you plan on buying, the local realtors will let you know about crime rates, etc. Waco ISD has some underperforming schools right now so if you have kids you may want to look at the surrounding school districts instead (Midway, Lorena, West, China Spring).

    Temple seems to have more job opportunities for nursing since they have two large hospitals there (Level 1 trauma center and a pediatric hospital) plus the main VA hospital is in Temple.

    Killeen is a no go (lived there for a couple of years, was very happy to move back to Waco).