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whofan has 16 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. whofan

    Working Weekends: How often? Seniority based?

    My job offers weekend plan. But weekends pay more so most of the new grads want the weekends to help pay off debt.
  2. whofan

    Baylor Scott & White Nurse Residency Fall 2019

    new nurse starting pay is 24.90 base with differentials for nights and weekends. And we are always hiring.
  3. whofan

    Delirium & neuro patients

    I work in a newly formed Neuro ICU with a no one physician in charge, we have neurosurgeons, neurology and a medical team all writing orders and making care suggestions. We've had SAH patients on q1 full nihss for 21 days if they are having vasospasms, with multiple trips to CT once they become delirious, because they will no longer participate in the stroke scales because they are tired, frustration, and delirious. It seems like a fight to even get them at 4 hour break between 11p-4a, and that took the patient hitting a neurosurgeon cause he sternal rubbed them. Its chaos at best in our unit even after 2 years. At this point the few experienced nurses left have started doing our education and taking research to the physicians to try to force some consistency.
  4. whofan

    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    I love it, some aspects frustrate me cause it hinders the work we do. Also I find from many mornings of post night shift breakfasts, nurses love to complain.
  5. whofan

    Day/Night shift?

    Usually its an either/or situation, probably means they have both shifts available. I personally have never had to rotate. I know the VA system does that, but the majority do not
  6. whofan

    Help with Staffing Incentives?

    Its good that you are offering, my hospital is doing away with theirs. We used to get $8/hr over OT pay on all OT shifts if were understaffed by 1-2 nurses. If were short more than 5 we would get $20/hr plus OT, we were still short but people were way more willing to come in, now we having $6 if we are super short, and there is talk about doing away with that, but we are hemorrhaging staff at the moment. Money will help you get OT players in but it won't work indefinitely
  7. whofan

    Useless Shift Report Information

    Its kinda of annoying when you have had the patient for the past two weeks, I tell them can you tell me what has gone on in the last 48 hours for BP, HR, stroke scale things like that then all I hear is about the family drama or they go into great detail about why they came in, well Dayshift, I admitted them two weeks ago I know why they are here get to the meat and you can go home.
  8. whofan

    Temple/Waco/Killeen area

    Depends on experience. New grads about 25 an hour at the BSW 5 years experience about 32/hr which is probably under paid for the area
  9. whofan

    2016 Salary thread

    Central Texas 4 years experience 29 hourly 4 night diff 4 weekend diff non union. 1.50 charge pay sometimes yearly merit increases no col increases for last two years. Critical pay overtime bonus of 240 a shift most overtime shift due to short staffing. Mortgage 850 for a 2/2 on a 1/3 acre corner lot including insurance and taxes. Utilities run about 150-300 depending on season.
  10. whofan

    Small Gifts

    I think some of the best gifts, other snacks for the nurses are the stories the patients tell you. I have been lucky enough to be able to spend time listening to some of the most interesting stories told by some of my elderly patients. I had patient who I took care for many shifts and was able to transfer him to a med-surg floor and his granddaughter gave me a super-hero sticker and I wore it on my badge until it faded and peeled off.
  11. whofan

    Nurses, It's Time: Find a Happy Place Amidst Chaos

    A good attitude almost always makes for a better night, no matter how sick the patients are or what the unit throws at you. I wish more people, nurses, CNAs and RTs were upbeat and positive.
  12. Excellent time management there.
  13. all true! The one I always forget is the name....mainly because the docs all answer our phones "ICU" and expect us to know who is working that night. It is awesome to have the fellow and resident on the unit at all times.
  14. whofan

    Scott and White Nurse Intern for Summer 2015

    they hire just about anyone. its always short staffed here because it is one of the few places who will hire a new nurse and because about half leave and go back to wherever once they have a year experience.
  15. whofan

    How did the 12 hour shift begin?

    Nursing is hard, but like most of the other posters I would rather be tired and busy for 3 days and have 4 days off than work 5 days a week. I don't find I need two days to recover, but that is just me. I do relax the first day but I dont sleep all day or anything.
  16. whofan

    The Hunger Games and Nursing

    Knowing 3 people are on call and hoping you are not the tribute..(first one called in).