Temple College?

  1. Well I am five weeks away from starting nursing school, and am super excited! (Also super-nervous since I feel like I'm scrapping my BA degree and starting all over, but I digress...).

    Do any of you have experience with the Temple College VN program? Any advice on what I can expect, both study-wise and clinical-wise? I guess I don't have any specific questions, but any comments anyone may have (negative or positive) would be very welcome.

    Cheers y'all!
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  3. by   lilkimball05
    Well I am a current LVN student at Temple and I graduate in 3 weeks Be prepared to work hard but if wanna know anything else let me know
  4. by   Pretty in Ink
    i guess we are in the same class together!!! see you june 4th!!! i hope what doesn't break me only makes me stronger....did you see 256 semester hours??? what the heck is that.. i hope its a typo!!
  5. by   Trophywife81
    Nice to "meet" you, TxLVNstudent! My first name is Laura--we should try to meet on campus!Don't know what that 256 semester hours is....the curiculum page on the Temple website clearly shows something like 47 sem. hours. Maybe it's the actual number of lecture hours we have?? Who knows....See ya on the 4th (29 days until we sign our life over to nursing school)
  6. by   lilkimball05
    Lol I thought the same thing when I saw that number at first too...Actually it is the actual number of hours that you are in class and/or clinical...There are gonna be days when you wanna quit because your so exhausted but please don't do it, it will pay off in the end...Good luck with the year and again if I can be of any assistance please feel free to ask
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  7. by   Pretty in Ink
    hi laura! my name is alia.. pronounced like the singer that died can't wait to start! except the drive back and forth from round rock is going to suck. hey lilkimball... which books did you use??? are there any on the list that aren't really necessary?
  8. by   lilkimball05
    We used them all pretty much at some or another if your class is using the same books I don't mind letting you have some them since I probably won't be using them much...
  9. by   CSLee3
    TROPHYWIFE81, did you get into the Taylor class or Temple? Taylor would be a whole lot shorter drive for you!!! Same classes, books, start date, etc.
    The only new book that differs from last years is the Health and Illness (Med-Surg) text, which has a new edition (3rd). Otherwise all books are the same. As for the graduating class of Temple College at Taylor, all 22 students have jobs already waiting for them. Placement in the Williamson, Travis County area is not hard! Temple is a good program when compared to other schools. The schools pass rate is consistently higher than most all others around, and the tuition is less than most other cen-tex schools, with a few exceptions. Good luck. If you need more questions answered, you can PM me, I think you will find me an excellent resource for information.
  10. by   Trophywife81
    Thanks for all the comments, everybody!

    In reply to the Temple vs. Taylor programs, I applied for both and only got in at the Temple location. The 50-mile one way drive sucks, but it's only for a year....let's just hope I can afford the $3/gallon gas!

    Glad to hear about how the job situation has worked out for the Taylor students...one of my great trepidations before deciding firmly to pursue the LVN diploma was whether or not I would have a hard time finding a job, as the Austin area seems to have a really tight job market. I'm not really interested in hospital work (I don't think they could pay me enough to work under such stressful conditions, lol), but homecare and hospice really do appeal to me. Also, LTC is not something I'm opposed to, as long as it's a decent facility. Do you happen to know what kind of facilities the Taylor students got into? Although the job hunt is a bit more than a year away, any advance advice is appreciated!
  11. by   CSLee3
    Trophywife81: Most the Taylor Class went to Scott & White Temple, some went to St. Davids Georgetown, Round Rock and N. Austin. Still some went to Brackenridge/Seton. Four went to Johns Hospital in Taylor, some went to clinics in Taylor, Round Rock and one went to an ISD as a school nurse. A couple are going on to bridge full time. Some for my best estimation, all have been spoken for in a job or school with no problems. Don't worry, you will do fine in class and with job situation. A year is not that far. Good luck with your studies and PM me if you have any questions.
  12. by   Pretty in Ink
    Hey Laura...just wanted to wish you good luck for this upcoming
    year...I won't be seeing you b/c I asked to be switched to the Taylor campus since I knew some would be accepted to the ADN or some may not finish their req's. We'll have to keep in contact on here and let me know how it goes
  13. by   Trophywife81
    Alia, good for you for getting in the Taylor campus program! I envy you--driving from Austin and putting 100+ miles on my car each day is not something I'm looking forward to.

    Good luck!!
  14. by   Pretty in Ink
    So totally believing we will make good grades and pass the NCLEX, are you going to stay an lvn? do the lvn-rn bridge or maybe do the lvn-bsn??? I know I will not be content being "just" an lvn...I want to keep learning and building my skills partly b/c I'm really all my family has and to support them in the way I want to I want to keep going. I'm thinking of skipping the lvn-rn bridge and go for my bsn. Your thoughts??