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Well I am five weeks away from starting nursing school, and am super excited! (Also super-nervous since I feel like I'm scrapping my BA degree and starting all over, but I digress...). Do any of... Read More

  1. by   CSLee3
    MR...ERDude..AKA Mr.Lee:spin:
  2. by   Pretty in Ink
    Ah yes, I see you on the faculty web page...see you on Monday Mr. Lee nice and early!
  3. by   Pretty in Ink
    So Laura...how was ur 1st day??? ... did we hit the ground running or what! Ok...no time really to type.... just wanted to say hi and I'm still alive! lol.
  4. by   Trophywife81
    Hey Alia! Whew....I am already missing sleep

    It's been a very busy few days, but they've been good. Despite fatigue, I'm pumped about everything--can't wait to actually start learning how to DO things. How are things for you?

    Time to hit the books (again)! Good luck with the rest of your week, and let me know how things are goin'...
  5. by   TRACI1120
    Hey All! 2007 Graduate Here from Temple College at Taylor. You are in for a full year of learning but Alia You are in GREAT hands. Mr. Lee and Mrs. Gregory are the TOP of the Line and in Templ Ms. Ervie is Awsome. Hang on your year will be over befor you know it. I just took the NCLEX today so I am waiting to find out the results, mean while I am working and making more $ than I ever have! Good Luck and Tell Mr. Lee Mrs Gregory and Ms. Ervie Traci says HI!!
  6. by   Pretty in Ink
    Laura: Sorry for not getting back sooner, my son (13 months) stepped on the screen of my laptop and now its going to cost me 900 to fix! So now I am using my big ugly desktop from who knows when! I am tired too... and this is alot of work! I started getting sick yesterday so I'm not feeling too hot right now. We just got checked off on vitals, beds, and baths. What did u get on ur first mod exam? I made a 92 ~so pissed~ I coulda had an A if I would have got one more question right. Oh well. Well, I continue to wish you good luck!
    Traci: Thanks for the input, your right... Mr. Lee and Ms. Gregory are great! I was so nervous the 1st day but they really put me at ease and I know if I give 100% they will do the same. I feel I am in really capable hands here in Taylor. I will let them know you said hi...and I'm so glad to hear your making some $$$.... I'm looking forward to that! Good luck on your NCLEX results! Wish u the best...
  7. by   sc0628
    Hey guys... does anyone know about the ADN program at Temple College? I am in Cedar Park and wondering if it is hard to get in. I am planning on applying but hope there is some more info I can get. I thought I read somewhere they would give you extra points for doing pre-reqs there and also if you are in district or something like that. Any info would be great.
  8. by   CSLee3
    Cedar Park...nice area and yes, there are lots of Williamson County and Travis C unty students commuting to Temple rather than fight traffic going to Austin. TC has been around since 1926. They have one numerous awards and consistantly have some of the highest nclex pass rate in the state. Proof is in the pudding, public information, check at board of nurse examiners. Their simlab/mock hospital is unbeatible and their rotations sites the same (including the only level one trauma center outside of San Antonio or Dallas, Houston). With that being said, I commuted from Travis County and don't regret it. Awesome experience. Go to thier website to read the selection criteria. www.templejc.edu NOW to answer the question, Temple is 1/4 the size of Austin, therefore the number of seats available versus applicants puts you in better odds of getting in. At least in my simple mind and opinion. The biggest criteria is the NET test scores. Also, your prereq grades are taking into consideration. It does help to live in the Temple district, however half the classes are from South or North of Temple up the I35 cooridor. Usually people commute once you meet people in your class. Also all prereqs and general ed classes can be taken in Williamson County (Taylor Campus). Some are offered on the internet as well. It is certainly doable. Keep in mind that the available seats may be around 60-70 and the number of yearly applicants may be a hunderd of more, so the selection process is competitive. ACC in Austin has recently doubled or tripled their enrollment to accomadate the ever increasing applicant pool of qualified students. Call the college or visit the website and good luck.
  9. by   sc0628
    cslee3, thanks for responding to my post. I wanted to ask you about the pre-reqs. they are saying you only need to have a&p1, comp science and psych. there are some other courses during the program though. english 1301 & 1302 which I do have and a&pII as well as pharm. did you have to have a&p II out of the way? I heard that you take pharm during the program. just wonder what is the best thing to do. i didn't see a math requirement.
  10. by   sc0628
    Sorry for all the questions. I spoke with the director through email and she told me that my best bet b/c of tbe program being so competitive was to apply for both the ADN and VN programs so that I could at least get started. What are your thoughts on that?
  11. by   CSLee3
    No, it is not a necessity to have A & P 2 completed, just the three mentioned courses. However, all of the general ed course can be taken before hand and will actually lessen your load while in school! Pharmacology is a dept taught course once you are in the program. If I were applying, yes I would apply for the LVN and ADN both to get your foot in the door. TC as well as ACC have bridging or mobility tracks also distance learning is possible for LVn to RN. Both programs are competitive but the VN program is offered in WIlliamson and Bell Counties. The LVN program is 3 semesters, just one year! The LVn program selection is usually in Jan or Feb, and the A.D.N. is around April, May, so you have time to accept the VN and always decline in April if accepted to the A.D.N. program. Hope that helps. ALSO the computer science course can be taken online! Hope that helps.
  12. by   luyvik
    What are being tested for the NET for the Temple College ADN program? Thank you!
  13. by   texasRN_14
    I know this is an old post but can some one tell me if their is an equivalent computer course you could take at another college or if you have to take the one that is offered at TJC... thank you