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I was wondering who all got accepted or is in the TAMUCC eline program this semester. It is nice to have someone to talk and ask questions about the program. I start Jan. 10th, YEAH.... Read More

  1. by   Julie Reyes
    ok, this was posted a LONG time ago in dog years....BUT...i am an a&m CC eline student...is this my buddy who i chat with all the time???

  2. by   verano05
    I want to meet people that have done the eline TAMUCC, to ask questions.
    Can you work full time and do the BSN program? How long did it take you?
    What about work and family...can you still keep up with the program?
    If you need help how difficult is it to get help online?
    How are clinicals? If someone that is in it or has just graduated can let me know I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. by   EricaColeman22
    Hi, Verano05,
    Ok, I am a current eliner. I started in the fall of 2007 I am now in level III. There are 4 levels. The first level is more book work and assignments and takes a long time to complete ( i believe the avg. time to complete the first level is about 1 yr) The other levels are more clinicals and go by a bit faster. As for having a family and a job and a life outside of school, it can be done. I have a 3 yr old, and a husband and a part time job. Self-motivation is a huge part of this program because there are no "deadlines" for anything, everything is self-paced. The great thing about this program is that you can work around your life to meet the demands of school. Don't get disappointed when you don't finish things as fast as you had anticipated. That happened to me many times before, but you can't beat stilll having a life and obtaining a BSN concurrently. Also clinicals are set up for you to complete at your own pace (ex. if you can only do 1 day a wk, or if you can do 3 days a wk) it is all up to you. So congratulations on your acceptance and hope to see you in chat soon.

    -Erica Coleman
  4. by   RN2BENAUSTIN
    Hi Erica

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you!! I have applied for a Summer start and I have been so curious about how this program works. I hope to find out something by March, its so hard waiting! And I have been nervous about jumping right into clinicals, just worried that without someone standing there telling me if I was doing it right or not. Maybe after 1 year of coursework I will feel better about it. I'm in Austin, are there any fellow Eliners in Austin? Oh, and I am taking the Health Alterations class online with ******* right now, its going really well. Its really not hard, and I am learning so much from it. Have a great day and thanks again Erica!!
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  5. by   verano05
    thank you Erica Coleman. I am just too scared about the online...I feel like I will be left alone and no one there to help me. This is why I was also aking about the help support. So you are done in one more semmester? You are so lucky!
    Best of luck to you.
  6. by   moncj66
    Hi, Im curious about applying to this program and wondering if they would accept transfer nursing students. I failed a clinical at my current semester and want to transfer to the online program.
  7. by   EricaColeman22
    I believe they do. You need to apply and have the minimum requirements (3.0 gpa, core classes completed, immunizations up to date...there's more just can't think of them right now). Call TAMUCC College of Nursing and ask to speak with **** *******, she is the advisor for the e-line program and she will give you more information regarding the program and what you need to get in. Hope this helps, let me know how it goes.

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  8. by   RN2BENAUSTIN
    I received my accecptance letter the other day and I start June 1. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I would love to "meet" other Austin area Eliners, if there are any out there
  9. by   EricaColeman22
    I believe there are...when u get access into WebCT go to the eline discussion board and post something there...you will get replies of all who are in your area.
  10. by   RN2BENAUSTIN
    Thanks again Erica! I am currenty using webct for Human Alterations but I dont think I have Eline access yet. I will look forward to having that as a communication tool. I was kind of worried about not having any peers to talk to to. So that will be great!
  11. by   moncj66
    how are clinicals set up? Should I move to corpus to have better opportunities for clinical. Are you expected to teach urself clinical skills as well, or will they teach you on site. Thats the only part, im shaky on, because u can't teach urself IV's and foleys
  12. by   Prettyladie
    so im finding it hard to decide whether or not i want to do this program, only because i havent taken biol 1406 and that is a requirement. i never needed to take that, as it was a prereq for AP, but did everybody take this, im sure you did if you already applied. what are your pros and cons about the program, and do they still accept year round. should i move to corpus, or somewhere where i know the clinicals will be, as i live in Dallas, and i dont think they have clinicals set up for here. any suggestions will be appreciated
  13. by   EricaColeman22
    Ok, i'm not sure where u are from, but many of past e-liners have already set up contracts with hospitals in there surrounding areas. I'm not sure exactly where these hospitals are at, but I believe some are in the dallas area, austin area, houston area...if you already accepted in the program you can ask your advisor for hospitals in your area that already have contracts. If no contract has been made for the hospital you plan on doing your clinicals, then you can start the process yourself. I suggest you start the progress ASAP because it can take awhile to get all the legal stuff out of the way. As for the skills needed, there is a one time check off of basic skills and that includes inserting a foley. The real thing is a little different than the simulation. This check off is after your first level and you are allowed to use the on campus lab if needed. However, I have learned that many of the skills needed you will learn when you do clinicals. My preceptors have been OUTSTANDING and are always willing to help and explain things. IV's is something I've been having trouble with...my preceptors have been of great help and have explained that IV's are something that you get better at with time. Hope this helps...keep the questions coming...oh, and also once you get in the program there are many of us that chat on a daily basis and constantly ask questions. You won't fell alone, cause there are so many of us in the same boat. There is always someone who can help. We depend alot on each other and each other's comments and wisdom. I don't regret the program one bit.