Spring 2013 El Centro College ADN - page 13

Hi everyone! I was just wondering were there any others who were applying for Spring 2013. I was in nursing school many moons ago (2003 el centro), and have decided to take care of unfinished... Read More

  1. by   Asho2087
    I'm sure you are fine. With 25 you should be golden. I had 24 so hopefully you don't get the last spot lol!!
  2. by   kriredmon13
    I don't think so. I think with 24 you should be golden as well! We got this! And by the way, it's alright I keep checking the mailbox everyday as well!
  3. by   jdmar
    Asho2087 -

    24 was the highest they'd seen as of August 30th? That's awesome news! Did they tell you that when you called in - or do you trust your source? I'm sure there are higher now, as even just the few people on this post have higher than 24, but I would think that puts the rest of us who had just UNDER 24 in pretty good shape.
  4. by   Trang5891
    I have 24 too, I keep worrying that I am missing something.
  5. by   MorganB
    24?? Ok.... We'll all known in just a few more days.
  6. by   Crysj06
    I had 23. I hope that's enough! I've heard so many different things about what the Maximum & minimum points are. I don't even know what to believe anymore. Only a little longer to wait! Hang on everyone! (:
  7. by   Asho2087
    When admissions said that they hadn't gone through every packet yet, so I'm sure there will be more with higher scores. She also said that 18/19 has a pretty good shot at getting in since they added the nine new classes and many students wouldn't have them completed... I think we are all getting in!!! In a perfect world of course
  8. by   Asho2087
    This is a random question, but I recently got an invitation to the kappa phi honor society. Is anyone in it? And was it worth paying the money? Any info would help!! Thanks!!
  9. by   Trang5891
    well based on my personal experience, if you love to travel around , help community and participate leadership activities, I would suggest you join the organization. Bc I've been a member of PTK since 2010 and they should have lots of scholarships for students. But since this semester they are cutting down budget, I dont know whether they change anything, obviously there wont be scholarships for next semester
  10. by   MorganB
    At this point it seems like everyone has a shot and hey that's a good thing. But November the 1st or 2nd will tell the story. Got my shoulder pads ready to tackle the mail lady lol. If I get in I'll be purchasing my scrubs the next day and wearing them as Christmas pjs. Lol.
  11. by   stephc80
    Hello everyone!

    I recently discovered this thread and I'm excited about what I've read! I applied for Spring '13 with 24 points. I was pleasantly surprised to see the change in the point system, otherwise I would have waited until Fall '13 to apply. You can say that I'm in the middle of a mid-life crisis, aka career change, and the change in the process has benefited me.

    I, however, am still concerned with the employability of future ADN's and I wish there was an option to "speed up" the process. I do realize there are BSN programs available, but I'm completing Micro and A&P 2 as I type. If I don't get in for Spring, I will be applying to TVCC, TWU, UTA, and El Centro again for the Fall.

    Good Luck to everyone!
  12. by   kellikelli
    I have SICKENING butterflies in my stomach reading all this. I thought I had 25 also:

    5 pts - 3.9 GPA
    4 pts - 17 support hours completed
    9 pts - HESI (92.8 Cumulative)
    7 pts - UTA BSN classes completed

    So now I'm hoping I have all of the vaccinations/paperwork in order! I'm completeing the other 2 UTA BSN classes this semester (one is already finished) so if I don't get in, SURELY I will next semester?!

    Kudos to ALL of us for making it THIS far! Peace be with you all while we finish the wait!!

  13. by   kellikelli
    Hello Stephc80!

    Good luck to you in this app period. We will know soon!

    I also do not plan to be satisfied with only an ADN because of future employability. I figure I can do 2 years to complete ADN and then another year at either UTArlington or TWU to finish my BSN. TWU has a 100% online ADN to BSN program. Wouldn't that be awesome?

    I also applied to TWU this semester but if I have my choice, I would do El Centro brecause the first semester I would be taking 10 hours vs. 16 hours at TWU. That extra 6 hours will just about do me in as far as being able to work outside of school; and with three kids, I HAVE to earn something! So it may take me longer to get there, but if I can be employed in the process, it makes ALL the difference.

    Congrats on applying! This being my 2nd go-round with El Centro, I know the hoops through which we are required to jump just to complete the app! Best wishes to you!