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  1. I will be starting at TTUHSC in August for the second degree RN/BSN program, but am taking my pre-reqs through South Plains (A&P1&2, Microbiology, Food and Nutrition, and Human Development). Has anyone had any of these courses at SPC? I would love to know the difficulty level, how much time I should expect to commit to studying a week, etc.

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  3. by   purplesdk
    Hi bblair,

    I took my pre-reqs at SPC and the classes are not sluff off classes. Expect to study at least 3-4 hours per day for each class you are enrolled in. If you keep up with the studying and reading and not get behind, you should not have too much trouble. But the hardest class for me was the food and nutrition class. I studied probably a good 6+ hours per day after class. I would record the lectures when possible and take notes in class, then when I got home, I would listen to the lectures over again while going over my notes, in case I missed something. I expect I put in a good 30+ hours per week studying. Of course, some classes were much harder and had to put in more time on those classes than I did on the easier ones (not many of those). Hope this helps.
  4. by   Mrs.Nurse2b
    This is my first time to reply to a question so bear with me....Expect a lot of studying especially with A&P 1&2. The lectures would be a little easier to understand if you read over the materials before the class. I don't mean read EVERYTHING but at least skim through so you would be familiar with the topic. You will be doing A LOT of memorization simply because it is part of the lab, to be able to identify the anatomy of the human body (thus, Anatomy and Physiology ) Also depending on the instructors you signed up for, they all have different methods of teaching. A lot of studying with Micro too, and you will be doing a lot of lab time also. Human development, i took it over the internet so that was lot of reading and also writing essays and quizzes etc. well, i hope helped you enough
  5. by   Freshstart2010
    I'm considering going to SPC and was wondering if there was a rating system for the best professors? What is the schools graduate success rate? Once you get your LVN what degree will you go for? How long is the LVN course?
  6. by   klb061409
    Freshstart the LVN program at SPC is a year. The levelland campus starts only in august but reese starts in august and january.