Scott and White Summer 2013

  1. Hello,

    I wanted to start this thread for all the 2013 hopefuls.I believe the internships closed yesterday so now we play the waiting game.I applied to the ER and ICU.Good luck everyone.
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  3. by   ABCDRN2013
    Gaby3187, may I ask what your ER status says? Mine switched to on hold about a week ago.
  4. by   gaby3187
    Mine still says"Routed". When did you apply? I applied as soon as the position was posted.
  5. by   angeliquemcj
    I applied to S&W on the 18th of March. I applied to the ER and Children's ER and my status says Route. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!

    Wait, do you know when they will start calling for interviews?
  6. by   gaby3187
    I'm not sure.I read last year's post and it looks like they start calling soon after it closes.
  7. by   ABCDRN2013
    Thanks for the info. I applied very quickly after it opened, so I will contact HR tomorrow to see if it is an error. It's good to know that there is still a possibility for me in the ER. I did receive the ICU questionnaire, and sent it back last week. Fingers crossed... Good luck everyone.
  8. by   BlueGrassGreenSkies
    Hi. I applied last week and received an invite to interview this morning. Perhaps you'll hear soon!

    How competitive is this program and is it as good as what I've heard? I hadn't seen a thread about it until now so I was curious.
  9. by   gaby3187
    Did you receive a call or email? What unit did you apply for?
  10. by   gaby3187
    I'm not sure how competitive it is, but I'm sure they are getting more and more applicants since it's hard for new grads right now.Good luck on your interview let us know how it goes!
  11. by   BlueGrassGreenSkies
    I received an email Monday morning. I applied for ICU. I'm excited. I will surely update the thread when I hear something more!
  12. by   wildflower79
    I applid last Mar. 23rd i havent heard anything yet im still praying!
  13. by   newGNTX
    Any news or updates? I applied when it first opened (March 1) and 2 of the positions still have in route
  14. by   gaby3187
    Nope My status is still the same.