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  1. To Houston RNs!

    I hope you all can help me....I really want to move to Houston but have some practical & financial issues to consider. One, I am the sole wage-earner for my family. Two, my student loan debt is high. Three, I would like someday to buy a house....and Four, I'm not getting any younger!

    It is also my intention to get a MS degree in Nursing. (I would like to wait until I have some of my debt paid down before I start.)

    I have started contacting some recruiters and filling out some applications. People always ask for minimum salary requirements before they give you an offer, it seems like. Does anyone know what the general pay range might be for me? I have 2.5 years of experience in a very busy, very high acuity PACU in "one of the Top 4 hospitals in the U.S" according to US News. I volunteered to cross-train to our PreOp units as well as the Induction/Block rooms and float to those areas as needed. I have also recently oriented to and occasionally am assigned as Charge. Additionally, I work PRN (PACU) at another fine university hospital nearby. I feel that I must know what the Houston market is like for someone in this range before I can give a fair answer to the salary requirement question. I feel that I can bring a lot of value to the workplace and would like to earn a fair wage but don't want to remove myself from consideration if my "requirement" is not within market range. It is also important to me to work for an organization that has an excellent reputation and has opportunities for career growth. Generally speaking, not just pay scale, but what's the market like out there for someone like me?

    My next issue is where to live? Where can we find a reasonable home at a reasonable price in a decent neighborhood with decent schools that is not located in a flood zone and that doesn't have one of those utility situations....I've heard that you have to watch out that you don't get caught in an area that has some kind of problem where your utility costs are outrageous and there's nothing you can do about it (I'm not really sure what this is all about.)

    I thank you in advance for any information you all can provide regarding these topics. I look forward to hearing back!
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  3. by   NeoNurseTX
    Check your inbox. I'm not sure about the energy thing but a lot of med center employees seem to live in Pearland and as far out as Katy and the Woodlands. I'm about 40 miles away from the TMC now myself.
  4. by   CaliforniaRNnow
    It's very hard to find a job in Houston. Honestly, it's not a good idea to move there because it has the largest medical center and there are thousands and thousands of nurses and new grads trying to get a job when there are not enough openings...

    Take a look at this post:
  5. by   HouTx
    I respectfully disagree with the PP - jobs for experienced nurses, particularly ones with the OPs skill set, are not hard to find in Houston. I do agree that it is best to avoid The Medical Center - been there, done that. It's not all that it's cracked up to be... and when you throw in the inconvenience of off-site parking, bad traffic, etc... meh.

    There are great hospitals pretty much scattered all over the area, and they all have to meet the prevailing wage in order to be competitive so the OP may want to base a decision on school districts instead. That information is easily available. Here's a geat site with info on housing and schools http://www.har.com/school/... disclaimer - I am not associated with HAR, it's just a neat site.

    We have some unique issues having to do with lack of zoning, flood zones and independent utility districts - but the high utility costs are due to statewide deregulation of that industry that was railroaded through our legislative process by GW Bush during his short stint as our gov.... talk about a dubious accomplishment (sigh). As a result, monthly electricity bills ~$300 - $400 are not uncommmon during the hot months. However, really cold weather is very rare here, so it all works out. I have a balanced billing through my util provider, and my monthly tab (all elec 2500 sq ft) house is $210. Purchasing a house is very do-able... lots of options for < $150,000, especially if you aren't afraid of a bit of fixing up.

    Once you establish in-state residence, getting an MSN is not very expensive through local campuses of UT or TWU (state schools). Both have stellar nursing schools.
  6. by   glutton4punishment
    Should be no problem for you to find a job....I work in a LTAC on the West side of town, starting pay is $32 with your experience. Have friends that work in The Medical Center, and in acute care hospitals in the burbs, and for these places, you are looking at 30-35/hr.

    I have not worked in the medical center, so this is what I have been told by ppl I work with....parking can be a nightmare, and it's not paid for. So, you get a few extra dollars an hour, but the commute and the parking fees balance out the raise in pay. That being said, there is a certain amount of prestige, and it's a great medical community "feel" in the medical center that you won't get in a burbian hospital. Furthermore, you absolutely can't beat the experience you will get in The med center, esp if you are into trauma. Look into Hermann in the med center. The pay is a bit lower there, but you will get loads of exp. If you are into CV, look at St. Lukes. Obviously, for onc look at MD Anderson. Anderson is HUMONGOUS, and a wonderful hospital to it's employees. My dad was there for a week, and all the nurses were awesome. Methodist is great as well all around. Texas Orthopedic in the med center wins awards all the time for employee satisfaction, and I was just talking to a Dr. that has been there for 20 years about how great that place is.

    As far as areas of town. Geez, where to begin. I assume you have visited? Well, Houston is very large. There are so many options. If you have kids, you must live in the burbs to get them into a decent school, unless you go private. Memorial school district is great if you can afford a home in their district.

    Another option for you, is agency work. You could work agency while you are looking for a full time position. Agency pay is $37/hr right now, and I think a few more for ICU. Premier staffs all memorial facilities I think.

    Hope that helps, and welcome to Houston!
  7. by   CodyRN
    Wow--Thank you for all of the information! I've been to Houston and you're right, it is a HUGE place! I will check into some of the places you have mentioned! Thank you again! I Texas!