PVAMU-Fall 2007

  1. Hello to all...

    I just received my acceptance letter to Prairie View (Fall 2007).... I am so excited!

    Has anyone else received letters of acceptance to their program? I would love to find other classmates.

    Also, is there anyone out there currently in the program or who just completed the program that can give me some pointers?


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  3. by   AggieQT
    I haven't received it yet, BUT the admissions counselor told me that I was accepted and that I should get it in the mail before the end of the week!

    I am really excited, I am finally going to be a nurse!
  4. by   MJ18181a
    The postmark on my packet was 4/28.... you should receive yours soon.

    There is a lot of information in the packet, and it says you need everything turned in by the 14th.
  5. by   SoSimplyMe
    I got my packet in March and it was due on March 23rd, I turned everything in then they lost it and told me I was declined admission. But then they found it, I haven't received a letter of acceptance yet.
  6. by   MJ18181a
    What a roller coaster.

    They also lost my application fee...

    I am thinking the program is going to be more organized; it has to be.

    Does anyone have any information about PVAMU's nursing program to let us know what to expect?
  7. by   moncj66
    What kind of gpa did ya'll have for the people already accepted? Ok, they lost my application fee also. Im really starting to wonder about this school.
  8. by   AggieQT
    I just got my acceptance letter today!!! YAY!!! I am going for my physical tomorrow...

    MY gpa was a 3.802 and my NET scores were really high.
    My science gpa was lower with around a 3.5

    Good luck to all of those waiting to hear word and congrats to all that have been accepted thus far!
  9. by   studentADAM
    i got my acceptance letter a couple days ago

    my science gpa was around 3.4 but my NET scores were in the top 15% and my overall gpa was around a 3.1, but i feel kinda a) being a guy going to nursing school b) being white and going to prairie view (or so I've been told). So you guys will probably know me when you see me since i think the class size is in the 30s :wink2:.

    It's cool though I already have taken a pathophys there a year ago with Dr. Igbo, and it was great.
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  10. by   MJ18181a
    Are you saying there are only going to be ~30 of us in the program? or were you meaning about 30 per classroom?

    What all do you know about the program and instructors? I am really curious and excited to know!
  11. by   studentADAM
    well if you look on their site or something i read 32/33 or 31/32 people who took the nclex passed last semester so it was like 96% of the people who got through pvamu nursing program passed the boards. So i am taking the assumption that the number of people admitted per semester isnt that large.

    and i know absolutely nothing about clinicals i took 1 class their that was in a classroom as a distance learning transient student.
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  12. by   MJ18181a
    adam... thanks for the reply.

    one sad thing about nursing school is the high drop out rate. it is so hard to get in, and then for some reason or another many cannot complete the courses.

    lee college (where i took my prereq's) also has an adn program. last year they accepted ~120 students, and by the end of the first semester they were down to ~80 students. that is a huge drop.

    so i would expect pv will be accepting (+/-)100 students. but i am not sure....

    if anyone has more information about pvamu please speak up.... inquiring minds want to know.

    i only found 1 good (old) thread on pvamu, but there was not much info.

  13. by   ICURN7
    I believe this link will help answer some of y'all's questions...
    U can also email some of the recent graduates who can answer ur questions.
    Good luck!

  14. by   cenedradRN
    Everyone who said PV is unorganized is right. I just got a letter saying I was denied acceptance but it was based on me not showing TASP scores (from which i was exempt and they knew this) and them not having my NET scores (which everyone knows we took there and they have a copy of). This irks me so much because I called numerous times to check if my file was complete and they said yes. So i'm really upset about this and cannot wait until Monday morning.