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  1. I'm considering a huge career change for a second career in nursing. I have a BS degree in science field and would pursue a second BS in nursing. My original degree was not from a Texas university.

    Does anyone know how specific Texas universities are about "general" pre-requisites? For example - I obviously did not take Texas government as part of my first degree. I also had world history classes instead of US history. It seems like a waste of time and money to go back and take these specific classes. I am happy to take nutrition and microbiology - but US history? Does anyone have experience in getting credit for other classes that will serve in place of these pre-requisite requirements? I am in the Houston area and considering UTMB, UTHMC, UH, etc.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!
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  3. by   Malorymug
    Hi, I just finished my prereqs for pursuing a second BS, a BSN, from UTA. Starting upper devision nursing in two weeks. My first degree was biochemistry, from a CA university.

    Definitely, you have to take texas politics, it is state law. But it isn't hard and you will learn some crazy things about this state. Some folks can get their us history requirements waived depending on transcripts. There is an active UTA group that can help more on, under online schools. Good luck.
  4. by   nurseprnRN
    Seems to me that the people you should be asking are the ones who will make the decision. As to taking TX or US history as a prerequisite to anything in the state school system, I can't speak to that directly but if they think they are so dang important then you will probably not be able to reason with them to see the error of their ways. I've heard the state motto is, "Don't mess with Texas."
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    Did you know you posted this same thread four or five times?
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    I responded in another post, check out the University of Texas at Arlington group on it is a very active group and this question comes up a lot.
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    Fabulous - thanks for the fast response.
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    Quote from GrnTea
    Did you know you posted this same thread four or five times?
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