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Hi all, Is there anyone here starting at Prairie View this Spring or currently attending? I got my acceptance letter about 2 weeks ago....I am so excited...and nervous! Can any PV students give... Read More

  1. by   cowgirl_RN
    thanks for the incite.... i received a purple letter about two months ago...... i also received an interview email from utmb today and im interviewing there on thursday ... and i have also read how unorganized pv is and i had a nusring student tell me that although she loves pv ...she wished she would have went to twu or another school with more organization ....... but she did say that everyone was like a family at pv ....... so now im just waiting and going to weigh my options at the end
  2. by   Divanurse to be
    Yes pv is a family, everybody helps everybody no matter what semester, yes pv is hard but I wouldnt want to go to any other school besides pv! At other schools you are not going to get the kind of help that you would get at pv, at other schools its every man for themselves! But also no matter what school you pick you are going to find some kind of flaw no school is perfect but pv does always have over a 95% nclex pass rate and no other school can say that!
  3. by   maxpuppy
    Thanks divanurses to be. I realllly hope ill get in !:-) when do u thimk well hear from CON? Deadline was the 1 st.. So im hoping soon..
  4. by   cowgirl_RN
    thanks divanurse to be .... do u know any pv nursing grads??? and does the school offer any type of job placement opportunities??
  5. by   NavyVet28
    Quote from Divanurse to be
    Depending on the teachers, yes they can be disorganized all I can say is be prepared! And get a head start on your drug cal! Have your finances in order and if you got the pujrple letter apply to the good samiritan scholorship in texas look it up and also go to the worksource so you can get a book voucher, trust me its close to impossible to wor and go to school at the same time and yes the first semester is thw weeding out semester. If you go in thinking its a breeze you are in for w rude awakening not easy at all! Sometimes you will be praying for a 74.5 lol not funny but once you exprience that, you will understand! Not trying to scare you but PV nurses aren't called the best for nothing! You gone work but best believe when you are in clinicals with other schools you are going to realize how much more info you know more than them!
    Which class was the worst in semester 1? I'm glad I took Patho in summer.
  6. by   cowgirl_RN
    NCLEX pass rates 2010

    pv = 97.64%
    ut houston = 97. 48 %
    ut san antonio = 88.81 %
    utmb =94.07 %
  7. by   maxpuppy
    Wow... Thats awesomeee!!
  8. by   Divanurse to be
    Quote from NavyVet28
    Which class was the worst in semester 1? I'm glad I took Patho in summer.
    Patho! Lol hated it with a passion, they didnt have that option for us at that time, I think they recently started to do that because so many people were failing it, then there was med-surg 1 lets not leave out med-surg 2, I flew through pedi and ob to me that was the easiest semester god willing I will be in Psych this spring! I took two semesters off due to medical issues so I have to reapply I shouldn't have any problems, hopefully.......
  9. by   Divanurse to be
    Quote from Ariel007
    thanks divanurse to be .... do u know any pv nursing grads??? and does the school offer any type of job placement opportunities??
    Yes lots all of my friends are pv grad nurses and all have two even three jobs, they don't have any job placements like I said its close to impossible to work and go to school but there are scholorships, the good samiritan the worksource and then the ones that they give you in the acceptance package some hospitals do hire student nurses but not until you have passed third semester
  10. by   cowgirl_RN
    do u know how much they came out of school making???
  11. by   cowgirl_RN
    i got in to utmb!!! still waiting to hear from ut houston and pv!!!
  12. by   katybusymom
    Congrats Ariel007!!!!! What school will you attend if you get accepted to all three?
  13. by   cowgirl_RN
    probably ut houston ,..... but that school is super competitive and im starting to feel like they dont accepted anyone who doesnt already have a degree