Opinions about Hospitals in Texas

  1. I am just starting nursing school but want to live in Houston or Dallas. I looked up some things about TX Children's Hospital and it seemed like a good hospital( ranked #4 on top 10 Children's Hospital) Are there any other good hospitals and how is life there. I live in AR which is only a few hours away. I need as much advice as I can about the area!!
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  3. by   mattsmom81
    Gee I've been in Texas 22 some years and would like to go to Az...for that 'dryer heat'...LOL! To be honest I'd like to get totally AWAY from this heat....

    Houston is very very humid and from travelers I know who go there, quite dangerous. I hear its one of the top carjacking capitals and traffic is horrid. But guess it depends on what you're used to. I hear some of the outlying northern suburbs of Houston are nice if you don't have a long commute in every day.

    I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area and there is work here for nurses and lots of nice communities to choose from. I am getting tired of the big hospitals and prefering the smaller ones personally...in the smaller towns. There are several large teaching facilities affiliated with the medical schools if you like those. Lots of corporate hospitals if you like those.

    The Children's Hospitals in Dallas and Fort Worth both have good reputations but I am not a pedi nurse so can't comment much more than that, sorry! Maybe there are some pedi nurses around who can answer. Good luck to ya!
  4. by   Shed13911
    I live and work in San Antonio. I work for Methodist Childrens Hospital. I think they take good care of their nurses and it is a good town to live in. I believe that Houston has a worse reputation for traffic and crime. Not that San Antonio doesn't have its share, but I would NEVER live in Houston. Good luck in where ever you choose to go. Check out the city well before you make the final decision though!!
  5. by   Yankee in TX
    I live in the Houston area & although it definately isn't as pretty as the other areas, the Medical Center has several opportunities. There are a lot of different hospitals & areas to work in. Please do not flame me for this... but you can gain a lot of knowledge here & then go anywhere you want to. If my kids had anything seriously wrong with them I would go to TCH for treatment. This from an IMCU/ICU/CCU RN.
  6. by   teeituptom
    I like dallas area

    Good Hospitals

    and plenty of good golf courses for me