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  1. Is there anyone on this board who is an NP in Austin, Texas? What is the job market like there? Pay? Ability to find a job, etc?

    Thank you
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  3. by   Susyq25
    i had the same questions in mind and it's sad and maybe scary no one has responded
  4. by   gizmo12
    I think that you have to post a thread like, Can I get an NP job with 15 murder convictions?" to get a lot of responses.

    Are you already an NP? Why are you moving to Texas?
  5. by   sirI
    Hello, gizmo12,

    I moved your thread to the Texas forum. Hope NPs there will respond.

    Good luck.
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  7. by   Broombug
    I'm also curious to know. I'm considering enrolling in a RN-MSN program to become an ACNP. I've looked at the BON website in the statistical information and saw that there are only 3 ACNPs in Travis county(Austin), none in the surrounding counties, and 9 in Bexar County (I think that's San Antonio). Is that an indication of the job market for ACNPs? Or is the specialty too new to tell?

    In the statistical info I've also noticed a decent amount of FNPs in these areas with WHNPs in a distant second.
  8. by   gizmo12
    I guess none of them ever go one
  9. by   CSLee3
    Gizmo, I am a nurse in Austin and can say there are plenty of opportunities for NP or PA. UT health center employs about 10 NPs and are always looking for more, Seton hospitals in the area all use a ER provider company to staff ER, and they do use the mid levels. Also, I see lots of ads in the paper for PRO MEd and doc n a box type offices as well as specialties looking for NP. I have two private docs I see and both have NPs. I think the salaried ones make around 100K, give or take a little. Hope that helps, check the austin american statesman online and check the SUnday healthcare ads, there are usually NP jobs posted.
  10. by   gizmo12
    THank you very much for the concrete answer. I appreciate it.
  11. by   RMT2RN
    What's an ACNP? I'm a nursing student and still learning what's out there in the nursing world. I live in Austin and the are NPs everywhere. Many are being educated right here at UT's program.
  12. by   Broombug
    What's an ACNP?
    Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. There are a lot of FNPs (Family Nurse Practitioners) but the BON only lists 3 ACNPs in Travis County. I have no idea how accurate that information is. That's okay. I've decided to apply for the FNP program through TAMU-CC and if I'm still interested in ACNP later on in life, I will look for a post-masters certification somewhere.

    Here's the link to the statistical information on the Texas BON site.
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  13. by   RMT2RN
    Thanks Broombug for the link. Those statistics are very interesting. I'm surprised there aren't more of all types of NP in austin. I am just starting my ADN program but have my eyes set on being a NP down the road. I hope you like Austin, most people do. Good luck!!!!
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    Oh, by the way, we call it A&M. In your case, you'd say "A&M at Corpus". Just helpin' ya get started on the local dialect.