1. HI Guys! Well I am new here but I just wanted to share that I got accepted into the Cyfair program! I was wondering if there's any one else that got accepted to Cyfair or any NHMCCD campuses or any one currently in the program, I would love to here from you guys and receive some advice
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  3. by   natthomas
    congraz!!!!! I also applied to nhmccd. Tomball, North Harris, and Cyfair for 2007 admission. I also applied to others schools for backup, esp. the bsn programs. I don't have any advice on the program, but can tell you to look up the forums that relate to any of the campus. You will be surprise on what you find. Some say negatives things about the program at Cyfair. What ever the case is stay positive and do the best you can in any situation whether is Cy-fair or some where else. Good Luck
  4. by   sbyramRN
    I am in the nursing program at Cy Fair. I am only in my first semester and it is very hard. I think the fall start is even harder because in addition to the four classes I am taking now, you will also be taking pharmacology. I will be taking Pharm in the fall, but by then it will be my third semester and I will only be taking one class (Med surg II) with it. I don't know what to compare it to, because no other nursing programs in Houston are set up like cy fair. They are a block progam where as other schools are integrated. Congrats and enjoy your summer---You will be very overwhelmed come the fall!
  5. by   jtruong85
    Congrats!!! I also got accepted for cyfair's fall program
  6. by   Addersmom
    If you don't mind me asking what were your points to all of you that responded they got into cy-fair?