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  1. Hey there,

    I am in Texas, and this may be state specific, so I came to the Texas forum... Can anyone tell me: I graduate in May and am considering putting off working until the end of the summer. Since I plan to take my NCLEX over the summer, when I start working, I won't be a GN, I will be an RN, yes? So, does this mean that I won't receive the same orientation period that I would if I were to start immediately? When a tenured RN changes positions, do they too, receive the full orientation or is this something only specific to new grads?

    Thanks for any help!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Your title (GN vs. RN) shouldn't really affect your orientation length. If you're worried about not getting long enough to orient, you might look into the possibility of nurse internship programs.
  4. by   landonsles
    I did sorta the same thing. I graduated in May 2006, but did not start my first RN job until Nov 2006. (I had a baby that June.) I completed a three month internship, the same as the two GN's who were hired shortly after I was. It doesn't matter that you will be an RN, apply for jobs that offer you an internship. I have seen several postings around here that offer an internship to GN's and/or RN's looking to change specialties.
    Good luck!!
  5. by   rockermom
    Thanks guys! Just the info I needed!
  6. by   BellaCerraRN
    I did the same thing. Graduated this May but because of my sons deployment I put off my NCLEX and finding a job. I took my NCLEX 4 days before my GN permit expired and went to work a month ago.

    At first my job search was tough because the hospitals around here were saturated with new grads, but they're all off orientation now and with the exception of a few in highly specialized areas, none are in internships, so jobs are opening up.

    Just don't wait too much longer becase the positions will start filling up towards the end of november with Nurse Techs.

    Good luck to you!