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  1. I currently work for a county hospital and feel like the medical benefits here are very expensive. I pay $200 bi-weekly for my family and have copays of $25 for primary and $50 for specialist. Dental benefits are virtually non-existent with a tier type of coverage. The first $150 is covered 100%, the next $350 is covered 80% and then 50% for the next $1000.

    I just want to know what other hospitals in Texas are like. Am I at the high end of benefits? I feel like a big chuck of my paycheck goes to benefits.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I am in the D/FW area of Texas. Full family benefits at one company here are $496 per pay period ($992 monthly). This does not include dental and vision.

    I think you're paying competitive rates for full-family benefits. I'm single with no children and remember paying $125 biweekly for health insurance. You can only imagine how much the full family benefits cost.
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    That's unbelievable! I guess I shouldn't complain after seeing that kind of benefits. I was just comparing to friends who are working out of state and pay only $59 biweekly for benefits that are 10 times better. They only pay $10 copays for primary and $25 for specialist. Their dental are covered at 80% and above.
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    Major problem in Texas? Huge numbers of uninsured are skewing everything.. providers are forced to increase prices for 'paying customers'.

    Yep, we're the 'safety net' that Gov. Perry is referring to when he says no one in Tx goes without health care and Tx does not need to participate in the Federal overhaul to extend Medicaid.