LVN - RN Bridge prog in DFW.

  1. Hi

    I graduated as an LVN in Sept 2006 and have been working as a Jail Health Nurse since. I do not have any Med Surg or Hospital experience.
    I am interested in enrolling for LVN - RN Bridge prog Full time in 2009. My question is
    Which Nursing schools in DFW area accept students without med surg experience??
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  3. by   AdobeRN
    Grayson County College does - or least they did when I started in Jan 2006. My first job out of LVN program was as a jail nurse, I graduated in July 05 and only had been working for about 4 months when I applied for the GCC LVN-RN program.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Here's a list of all of the bridge programs that I can think of in DFW, North Texas, and East Texas. You may want to place a telephone call to the schools that interest you, to see if they'll admit you with no med/surg experience. Good luck!

    1. Tarrant County College, Fort Worth (LVN-to-RN)
    2. El Centro College, Dallas (LVN-to-RN)
    3. Brookhaven College, Farmers Branch (LVN-to-RN)
    4. Tarleton State University, Stephenville (LVN-to-BSN)
    5. Weatherford College, Weatherford (LVN-to-RN)
    6. Hill College, Cleburne (LVN-to-RN)
    7. Navarro College, Corsicana (LVN-to-RN)
    8. Trinity Valley Community College, Kaufman (LVN-to-RN)
    9. North Central Texas College, Gainesville (LVN-to-RN)
    10. Northeast Texas Community College, Mount Pleasant (LVN-to-RN)
    11. Grayson County College, Denison (LVN-to-RN)
    12. Paris Junior College, Paris (LVN-to-RN)
    13. Angelina College, Jasper (LVN-to-RN)
    14. Texarkana College, Texarkana (LVN-to-RN)
    15. Cisco Junior College, Abilene (LVN-to-RN)
    16. Angelo State University, San Angelo (LVN-to-RN)
    17. McLennan College, Waco (LVN-to-RN)
    18. University of Texas at Tyler (LVN-to-BSN)
    19. Tyler Junior College (LVN-to-RN)
    20. Texas State Technical College, Brownwood (LVN-to-RN)