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Hello everyone! I just wanted to start a new thread for all of us who will be starting the CyFair program this Fall 2009. Congratulations to all of you! :dance::yeah::dance: To those who are... Read More

  1. by   DMHG1812
    Thanks for the info. rjsalimi! I will keep you posted on my admission status!
    This is full time correct? As I don't believe ADN programs are taught on a part time basis..
  2. by   rjsalimi
    2 evenings and one all day clinical. I'm not sure that's considered full time. It's 3 different classes. Lecture (2nights), Lab(1 night after the lecture), Clinical (1 day for 10 hours). I work full-time also so if I'm not at work or in class, than I'm studying. They own us for the whole 4 semesters that's for sure but they told us that from the get go. They weren't kidding, it's true.
  3. by   Ang_1
    Hi all,

    Thanks for all the info on Lonestar I did all my pre-req's with HCC but am starting to get the feeling HCC disorganized and am still waiting for them to offer HESI in the summer in order to take Pharm!

    So I will be out of district for cy-fair, does that count against you when you apply for the program? I know alvin cc puts in district students ahead of out of district for the nursing program.
    Also - I know we have to take the HESI test, but do we also have to take the Nurse Entrance test?? I read somewhere on the website that it is a requirement, PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong as I really don't want to have to take the NET as well!

    Is Pharm a pre-req?? Say for example I took Pharm at Cy-fair in the fall, could I still put in an application for the Spring start date??

  4. by   rjsalimi
    Pharm is not a prereq. We had a handful of people take it the first semester while taking nursing classes. I took mine the semester before I was accepted into the program. Did you send your transcripts to Lone star for evaluation from HCC? This is very important! LOnestar goes strictly by points as far as who's accepted. About half of my classes were taken many years ago out of state. Unless they've changed something in the past year, all that is requiered at Lonestar is the Hesi (math & reading only). Hope this helps
  5. by   djNyla
    hello everyone! i hope your summer is going well. i'm just here to post what i know because i sent some questions to ms. monteiro, who works in the office for the adn department at cyfair. here's what she had to say...

    "yes, the department continues to register you throughout the whole program. if you have morning classes right now, you will continue to have morning classes. if you are currently registered for afternoon class, you will continue the program with afternoon classes."

    i asked about the summer classes because previously the summer courses were lumped together in one semester, the spring semester. to sum it up, we will have to go at least 1 summer semester. below is what was taken word-for-word from my email about that question.

    "as for the curriculum, summer courses are indeed in the summer. as for your question about spring semester 1st year, those courses are full semester courses not just 8wks. previously, rnsg 1341 (med surg i) and rnsg 1343 (med surg ii) had been done in the same semester but has since been changed to 16 weeks for each course, to aid in student success in the program."
  6. by   luckymama21
    I have been looking on the cy fair my records section to check for my registration. I have not yet been registered and getting concerned. Does anyone know if the majority has been registered? Am I looking in the wrong area for the schedule? If someone already received their schedule can you tell me where on the website I should be looking.
    Thanks Luckymama
  7. by   djNyla

    I am registered and I know CreoleFromTheBoot is registered. I had the same problem with not being registered as of the weekend. I noticed a block on registration was placed on my account because CyFair had not received my transcripts for the Spring semester at HCC. I emailed Ms. Monteiro about it and she assured me that I still had my spot and the morning classes I wanted. To my knowledge everyone should be registered now. You should email Ms. Monteiro...I'll PM you her email address. As soon as my block was lifted my classes were there. If you do have a block on your account don't let the registration office tell you it will take a few weeks or a couple of days. Tell them the department has been trying to register you since last Thursday and it needs to be removed immediately.

    Keep Ms. Monteiro in the loop though. She needs to know who is registered and not registered. CreoleFromTheBoot was registered on Thursday. I'm not sure about anyone else. My block was lifted on Monday and the classes appeared right away.

    If you are registered you can find your classes under "My Records" and click on "My Shopping Cart". Your courses should appear in there.

    By the way, are you supposed to be registered for the morning classes or afternoon classes? CreoleFromTheBoot and I are in the morning. I would love to get to know other students! To those who were at orientation, yes, we went on stage.
  8. by   luckymama21
    I am supposed to be in the AM block. I looked under my shopping cart but it says "you r not currently registered for any sections" don't know what that means. I have emailed Kathy twice and today will be the third time and no response. I even emailed Mrs Ugalde. Do you show anything under My Class Schedule?
  9. by   djNyla
    It means you are not registered for the classes yet (I would assume). Under "My Class Schedule" I have all the classes + the insurance fee required (I guess it's so we don't hurt the manikins!). Have you made sure you don't have any restrictions on your account? Under the "Registration" Heading of "My Records" click on "My Current Holds and Restrictions"...when you do it should states..."You have no active restrictions on file".

    If you're not receiving any responses I would go in person, but not during lunch hours...I've learned the office is usually closed. Go before 11 AM or after 2PM. My whole registration ordeal took 5 hours out of my Monday, but that's because I had to travel downtown to HCC for a current transcript, hand deliver it to CyFair, and persuade them as "assertively" as possible to lift my hold immediately.

    Keep everyone posted on here if you don't mind...you might not be the only one...other people might be having the same trouble.
  10. by   luckymama21
    I checked for restrictions and I show none. I already went to speak to Kathy also on Monday and she had no idea. She asked me to wait till next week but I rather do something now than later. thanks for your help and if you know of someone having the same problem let me know
  11. by   djNyla
    Here's a blog to all nursing students just starting out. VickyRN gives some really good pointers and the book she recommends is great! I own it and it helped me understand pharmacology more when I took it at HCC. It can really be used by all of your classes because it is broken up by topic.

    Here's the blog:

    The book: Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN Examination
    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the amazon link in here, but copy and paste the name of the book into the amazon search bar and it should be the first one to pop up on the list. The book is a light blue color and the letters NCLEX are in yellow. There is a new edition out too, but I can't comment on it since I own the blue one.
  12. by   djNyla
    Some of the postings I'll be posting here are links to other places in allnurses.com I think will be helpful. So you can choose to ignore them or follow the link. I just want to keep everything in one location (easier for me) than to go through all the threads searching for them. Please feel free to post your own links that might help other people. Here's the Dosage Calculations thread:

    Dosage Calculations

    I do know for a fact we will be using the dosage calculations book this semester for RNSG 1105, Nursing Skills I. For those of you who are not comfortable with math, I recommend you start review ratio and proportion type math problems. Knowing how to work those types of problems will make this a breeze.

    Also, for calculating drip/drop problems...please know there is no such thing as a 1/2 drop. You cannot take a drop of solution and divide it in half. Keep this in mind when rounding your answers or using decimals for those type of problems.
  13. by   djNyla
    I'm not sure if you all plan to buy your books through the book store or not, but there are other sources you can get the books too (as I'm sure you already know:wink2. There are many listings on ebay right now for 2 of the books we need.

    Dosage Calculations w/CD book by Pickar, used book store price $72.75, new $97.00...ebay (cheaper than the used price on most with the shipping included).

    Nutrition Essentials is also listed cheaper than what the book store has.

    As the saying goes, "there's more than enough pie to go around"...

    If you do plan on ordering books through other sources (like me) order them soon. Some of my books estimated arrival date is in the middle of August. Plan ahead. Also, there are 2 books the CyFair book store website pulled up without edition #s. Does anyone know the edition #s? If not I'll go on Monday or Tuesday and post them (if they are in the book store).

    The books are:
    Documentation in the Nursing Process by White
    Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals by Pozgar

    The last book has a new edition out, which was published in May...

    If there are any students who have already taken the courses with these books required and you want to sell them to me...let me know. PM me or post in here. Post in here if you have other books you might want to sell any of us as well