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Hello everyone! I just wanted to start a new thread for all of us who will be starting the CyFair program this Fall 2009. Congratulations to all of you! :dance::yeah::dance: To those who are... Read More

  1. by   rjsalimi
    If I remember correctly, they opened up the application period July 15 and it lasted 2 months. We recieved acceptance letters in mid-November. It seemed like an eternity.
    As far as a study guide for the reading, when I took my Hesi , there was a another lady there who had scored low on a previous attempt so had purchased a study guide for the reading section. After the Hesi that day, she was really bumbed because she had scored even lower this time around. This is my take on the reading portion of the hesi and why it does trip people up. Maybe this will help you interpret the passage differently. I think when you read the passages you want to understand exactly what it is saying or asking because as nurses, when we're taking a history on the patient, we taking down exactly what their telling us and not making assumptions based on what we think the patient probably meant. Does that make sense. So in the reading section, I think their looking to make sure that you are able to do just that. Record the facts and only the facts so to speak.
  2. by   OpheliasWings
    Hi there, thanks for the reply. I know exactly what you mean as far as the reading part goes. I think a lot of people want to read into things so to speak and find some hidden meaning. So I can see why you'd be looking between the lines, trying to figure out if they're throwing you a curve ball. Math is really my sore subject, but so far I'm doing well in my math class that I'm taking this semester. I took my final tonight and didn't do quite as well as I wanted, so as this point I should have a B to hopefully A average. I had an A average, but unless I'm calculating it wrong I think my final grade may actually bring it down to a B , but I'm not sure just yet, I'll have to wait and see when my grades get posted, but at least I know I passed the class, so that's good news. I know I'm just being hard on myself over it, but it's hard to find enough study time when you're raising a toddler, taking care of a husband, and taking classes full time as well. But I guess if I'm really serious about the nursing program I'll have to make the time to study.But anyways, thanks so much for your reply.

    Take Care,
  3. by   CreoleFromtheBoot
    This is what I remember about the Hesi test. First, the math part was pretty easy. It consisted of a lot of fractions and other 8th grade math. The best website to go to is www.aaamath.com. This helped me remember many of the formulas. Also what helps is learning how to check your answers.
    As far as the reading goes... I found a Hesi practice book at Barnes & Noble that explained everything I needed to know to answer the reading questions. So, for instance, after reading a passage you might have to know what it infers or what's the main topic, the book will show you what to look for. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of it but I do know it was the only Hesi book they had. Remember, Cy-fair only uses your reading score to calculate your points so I would say pay extra attention to the Reading part. Hope this Helps!
  4. by   OpheliasWings
    Hi there, thanks so much for the tips on the test. I ended up picking up a book the other day at half price books, but it turned out to actually be the study guide for the rn rather than the preentrance exam. So I'll have to check Barnes and Nobles to see if they might how a good study guide there for the hesi. I'll bookmark that website as well and take a look at it. Thanks again for your help.

    Take Care,
  5. by   Kyla.ann
    WOW!! Thank you everyone for all of your advice. It is so nice to be able to talk to people who have "been there, done that" I really appreciate you taking the time to help all of us "newbies" out!
  6. by   BeBe6470
    Okay...I'm starting to freak out a little...I am going to apply for Spring 2010 @ Lonestar Cy-Fair. I clepped out of English 1301 so I have no grade for that class and unfortunately made Bs in Psych and AP1 & 2 (missed an A by 1 pt both times..UGH). I will have 30 hrs of coreqs completed at the end of summer lacking only the 1 hr PE class. According to what I know, even if I get a 100 on the reading I will only have 11 pts! Should I chance it or take Psych over this summer and get and A so it will bump me to an 11.5 (if I get a 100 on the reading)? Any advice those of you already in can give would be greatly appreciated.
  7. by   CreoleFromtheBoot
    Hi BeBe,

    IMO I would suggest you take Psych again to raise your GPA. If you are trying to get into Cy-fair you pretty much have to have an 11.4 minimum to be considered. Good luck!
  8. by   luckymama21

    As Creole indicated, you should retake it, but I don't think that just getting an A in Psych will boost you from 11 to 11.5, probably more like 11.1, you may want to consider retaking A&P 1 (A&P 2 grade is not counted to determine your points), good luck
  9. by   OpheliasWings
    As far as the A & P classes go I saw on the website that they'll take the higher grade from either A&P I or II. So you may want to talk to an advisor. I know that I'm debating on whether to test out of my Math 0308 class in order to get both A&P classes in so that I have the 4 points for the average of the pre req courses. I was thinking about taking it during the summer, but the short class ends during the application period and I didn't know if it would count towards that application period or not, anyone know?

  10. by   djNyla
    I was in a similar situation with the points and barely made the cut for the pre-reqs when I applied. My speech course would not be complete until the day of the last day for application, and my PE courses did not transfer. They said the only way the points count are if the grades have already been submitted officially by your professor. It has to be reported before you bring a print out of your score card, otherwise your points will not be equal to the amount you really have. In other words, you have to have all classes on your transcript with the grade on it already before you submit your application. When I submitted mine I was shy 2 courses (speech and PE) even though my speech class was already completed-my teacher had not yet released my final grade. As far as the A & P course, yes they take the best of the 2 grades. It the course ends during application period, but before the application is actually due explain it to your teacher and they might submit your grade faster for you...but if it's a transfer credit from outside the lonestar college system, it can take up to 2 weeks for the counsiler to enter it in. (some of my transfer credits took 3 weeks). You can also go to the office and talk to a person in there and explain your situation, and ask their advice.
  11. by   OpheliasWings
    Hi there, thanks so much for the advice about the classes. It's tough trying to sqeeze them all in there in such a short amount of time. I got my math grade and it ended up staying an A so that was great. I am still waiting for my english professor to release my grade, so I'm hoping that I will keep my A average in that class as well once he factors in the final grade. So..so far I'm doing great with my averages, but still have a lot of classes to get done before the deadlines. I sent an email into the school regarding the classes and the application period so I'm hoping that they'll get back to me fairly quickly. Thanks again for the advice.

    Take Care,
  12. by   DMHG1812
    Hi There,

    I am also planning on attending Kingwoods Evening ADN program for Spring 2010. Can you brief me on the hours of classes of and clinicals? I work Mon-Fri. 9AM to 6PM, and wondering If I will need to make some adjustments. Look forward to hearing from you! thanks.
  13. by   rjsalimi
    Lecture is on Tuesday (5pm-7:00pm) and on Wednesday (5pm-8:00pm)
    We have one lab a week. Some have lab on Tues (7-9pm) and others had it on Wed (8-10pm).
    We chose which day we wanted our clinical. The choices were M/Th/FR/or Sat.
    Good luck and feel free to ask me any questions.