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Hello everyone! I just wanted to start a new thread for all of us who will be starting the CyFair program this Fall 2009. Congratulations to all of you! :dance::yeah::dance: To those who are... Read More

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    Quote from sarahadams1
    Some of these are hilarious. I would love to wear them but really not the best idea.



    I might have to get one of those t-shirts or stickers! Very cute! So far my favorite one is: "Vino p.o. PRN"
  2. by   CreoleFromtheBoot
    Did anybody go to Family Night yesterday at Cy-fair college? If so, how was it?

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    I've been using this lately...very helpful.

  4. by   djNyla
    See everyone on Monday!! Enjoy the last day of freedom!
  5. by   djNyla
    To look at your classes go to this link, the professors/teachers have already added them:


    I used the same password and ID from "My Records"

    I think it was just created yesterday or today...
  6. by   ImissScrubs
    I am soooo confused!!! I tried to order the Taylor online access from the book website b/c I figured it would just give me an access code. I was wrong. And their office is closed. And now the bookstore is closed so I don't know what to do!
  7. by   ImissScrubs
    So it looks like you get a 15 day grace period on the taylor online skills. So if you can't get it for a few weeks you should be able to do that.
  8. by   djNyla
    15 day grace period...that's nice. I wish this would have been announced in class before I went out and bought it at the overpriced book store! Oh well, I'll just save my receipt for tax time and try to get my $$ back then.

    For all future nursing students out there who might read this thread to find out what is going on the first week of nursing school... This is how most people feel --> and you don't start at a walking or running pace, you start off sprinting. So, be prepared to read, read, read and do your assignments. I don't think I've had 1 night yet where I've slept 8 hours...how about any of you all who are in the same class as me? Have you been able to sleep more than 8 hours in a night the first week? (Maybe I'm a slow reader...) :zzzzz

    Oh - hello to all you "lurkers"...I still think you should sign up on this forum...some of you I've already met :wink2:.
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    I've been sleeping but I should prob be doing more reading....lol
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    OK love the T's
    I want the "I'm the nurse that's why"
    kinda like my favorite saying "Because I said so"